List Results!

Okay, we fell a little short of goal of 75+ votes per book, however, you guys really pushed the books up the list (multiple lists too might I add, not just one per book!) so I’m still planning to release some extras. The goods you can expect are…*drum roll*

  • A short story that jointly stars Prince Severin and Princess Elle of Loire as well as Princess Cinderella and Colonel Friedrich
  • A short MBRC themed story
  • Two King Arthurs drabbles (See explanation below)
  • Two Life Reader drabbles (See explanation below)

So what are drabbles? Occasionally I will need to get to know my characters better, or sometimes I have a part of a scene stuck in my head that I sadly cannot use in my book thanks to point-of-view conflict, or spoilers for later. Drabbles are what I use to combat this. They’re basically short pieces, usually less than a page long, that typically carry some kind of introspection.

What I love about drabbles is that they are very revealing, short, and a lot of fun to write. Historically I’ve kept my drabbles hidden in folders on my computer, but I thought (hope) you Champions might enjoy reading them.

Today I’m going to release the Life Reader drabbles, you can get them here (Life Reader Drabbles I) or on the Freebies page. You can expect the rest of the goodies to show up before Thanksgiving–I’m hoping to release one thing a week. Thank you to everyone who participated in List Mania! I hope you enjoy the new freebies! (Please tell me what you think of the Life Reader drabbles, and if drabbles are something you would be interested in seeing more of in the future!)

2 comments on “List Results!

    • Too true! If she does happen to get a “desk job,” when the twins get employed wherever she is (because they will, you can depend upon it!) it will promptly become “not a desk job.” How I look forward to writing the Life Reader sequel! Buwahah~~~

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