B&B Free!

Lot’s of good news to share this time, so we’ll start with the obvious.

  • I changed the website around a bit to make it easier to use, and to better organize information. As you can see “Additional series” now has a drop down menu. I’ll be doing this to Timeless Fairy Tales when I get a chance as well.
  • Rumpelstiltskin was officially sent off to Editor yesterday! My beta reader took a peek at it over the weekend and had a few suggestions, so I tweaked it yesterday morning before wishing it good luck. Time will tell what Editor thinks of it.
  • This is probably the most exciting, but Beauty and the Beast will be offered for free for four days: November 20-23. I’m aiming to blast the roof off with free downloads, so please spread the news near and far! (I will post a reminder that B&B is free next time I write, with a freebie or two in tow.)

In bad news, I’m pushing back the release of Rumpelstiltskin by one week. It will now go on sale the second week of December–although I will be doing a pre-order option this time. Why the bump back? Simply put, it is because I want to give you Champions the best story I can, and I need a little extra time to do that. There are a few things I’m nervous and/or uncertain about, so I need to discuss those parts with Editor so I can change them for the better. I am dedicated to giving you enjoyable stories.

That’s it for today. Thanks again to everyone who gave me book recommendations–I think I will be set for Thanksgiving. My “Want to Read” list on Goodreads is now quite full!

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