Just a reminder today that Beauty and the Beast (Located here) is free for today and tomorrow. Tell anyone you think might like it!

Also I managed to get a King Arthurs and her Knights drabble written. You can download the PDF here: King Arthurs and Her Knights Drabbles, or on the Freebies page. The last freebie, a short MBRC story, should be posted sometime next week.

Finally, I saw this earlier today and I had to share it with you guys.


2 comments on “Freebies

  1. Hello Kitty, I loved the Drabble! It was so funny! getting down to business, When are you planning to start your next King Arthur book?… We your loyal fans are waiting for your meagers responce!! We need your stories!… Jejeje, don´t worry we love you too…

    • Hi Jennie, the next King Arthur book will be started next week. Well, I’ll start working on it next week. Writing probably won’t commence until the week after, I have to make sure I have my legends lined up correctly and my research is done! I’m glad you enjoyed the drabble!

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