Merry Christmas!

Ho-ho-ho, and Merry Early Christmas! I know I’m a little premature, but I’ve got some news/”gifts” I’m dying to share with you, Champions!

In the first bit of news, in January (probably late January) Beauty and the Beast will be available in paperback! The paperback copy will include the extra story that is available in the freebies section, will have a full-color cover, and will contain all the other fun things that come with physical books. I’m checking the manuscript errors before I hand it off to the designers, who will arrange so it looks beautiful in print format. Those who have original copies of the ebook, don’t worry. Editor has gone through and spiffed up the book so it looks much nicer. Once I finish the final checks, I will reload it on Amazon and hopefully manage to pester them into sending out a new, edited edition for your Kindles!

Now for the gift: King Arthurs fans–I have heard your pleas! Embark, book four of the King Arthurs and her Knights is FINISHED! Yes, you read that right, I’ve finished writing it! Between all the edits and Christmas celebrations, it probably won’t be available until mid or late January, but it is done and your time will soon arrive! Speaking of King Arthurs…

Enthroned will be available for FREE on these days: December 25, 26 & 31 and January 1. Spread the news and share the King Arthurs love please! (Or be a really smart gift giver and tell someone you’ve gotten them an ebook for Christmas. 😉 They don’t need to know it was free, right?)

I also wanted to thank everyone for your fantastic support of Rumpelstiltskin! This week–in the wee hours of the morning right before I tucked into my computer to write part of Embark–I discovered that Rumpelstiltskin briefly hit bestseller status in the YA fantasy category of Fairy Tales & Folklore! This whole week Rumpelstiltskin has been duking it out with Reign–which thrills me as Chandra Hahn is a big-name Kindle author! Reign is mostly winning, but I am wowed, humbled, and greatly blessed by your support! Thank you, Champions!


Ta-da! Thank you, Champions!

So that’s all for today–although truthfully I think that’s plenty of great news! There’s still one more informational-Rumpelstiltskin blog coming, and I have a little Christmas gift to give you guys, so keep an eye out for updates, please. Thanks for reading, Champions!

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