Paperback Debut

Fun news today! I received my author proof copy of Beauty and the Beast! woohoo!


The nice, shiny cover made taking photos a little more difficult than I expected…

The book is beautiful! The formatters I worked with did a great job, and I feel like the print quality is beautiful too! All joy aside, it was a big “wow” moment to hold a physical book in my hands. Beauty and the Beast has been out for a year and a month in ebook format, and now it’s in paperback. Thank you, Champions! This moment wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for all of you. I am so blessed!


Myrrhlynn helped me with the cover–which is the only reason why it looks so fab!

I’m already working to get Cinderella ready for a paperback release–although I’m hopeful the timeline will be a little more condensed. I’m skipping The Wild Swans for now because figuring out how to get the two endings to line up is going to be fun.


So what do you think, guys? I technically wrapped up all the paper shuffling, so the paperback edition of B&B should be available to purchase early next week. I’m waiting on Amazon to get the physical book and the ebook lined up on the same page. When I know it’s all organized, I’ll update my links and make a quick post to notify you. Thanks for reading, Champions! Enjoy your weekend!

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