Slide this in

Later tonight you can expect Embark–book 4 of King Arthurs and her Knights–to be up and for sale, but before then I just want to get a quick shout out to let you all know that the paperback version of Beauty and the Beast is officially launched! Just go to its page on Amazon, and bam! You can choose between the ebook and paperback version!

The paperback costs $10.50 in the US. Check out my previous post if you want to see the sweet cover photos.

I’ve got to duck out–I need to scurry around and finish some work for Embark before it’s released. Thanks for reading, Champions. Have a great day!

4 comments on “Slide this in

  1. This is gonna sound pathetic but I have literally been counting down the days ever since you told us the release date… I feel like a kid anticipating summer vacation or something. O.o
    So is this going to be the last installment then? Or is that top secret info?

    • Ahahah no, King Arthurs and her Knights will be 9 books–this is book 4 so the series is…half-ish over I guess? Anyway, it’s out now. I’m about to make the announcement post. 😉

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