You’ve got Questions?

Have you ever had a question for me–whether it was about my personal life, a request for writing advice, or a thought about a past book? Now is your chance to unleash your curiosity! For the next few days I’ll be accepting questions my Champions have. After the question submission period ends, I’ll take a blog post or two to answer some of your inquiries, and I’ll answer a few in my March newsletter as well.

Right now I have no deadline, mostly because I don’t know how curious you Champions are feeling. You might bury me in questions over the weekend, or it might be a week before I have enough inquires gathered.

You don’t know what to ask? Here are a few examples to kick start your imagination: “What is your advice to young writers?” “Why did you start writing?” “Are any of your characters based off real people?” “Where do you get your ideas?” “What has been the hardest romance/couple for you to write?” “What was the first book you wrote?” (Yes, you can swipe these questions and pose them to me if any of them really interest you.)

So, do you have a question in mind? Feel free to leave it here in the comments, or, if you prefer, you can send it to me in a message via the form below.

I’ll post again when I’m no longer accepting questions. Until then, enjoy your weekend, Champions!

2 comments on “You’ve got Questions?

  1. When you first decided to do King Arthur and her Knights it was in a contest. Well I was wondering if you would ever go back and consider doing any of those other options? Because Godforsaken and Cat Tails looked good!! Free Lance looked like it had potential too!!

  2. First of all I am totally impressed you remember/found that post. Secondly, thanks for the question, I’ve recorded it and will address it soon! 😀

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