Cover Reveal & Release Date

Big news! The wait for The Little Selkie is almost over! The edits are completed, the only thing that’s left to play with is the formatting. I’m planning to release it this Thursday–that’s April 23. Woohooo! The wait has been long, but I’m thrilled with all the changes, and I’m hoping you all will enjoy it, too. Anyway, here’s the cover!


Wow, where to start? Myrrhlynn, as usual, did another fantastic job that beautifully highlights the story and its protagonist–Dylan. It’s important to note that the black shape is a sea lion, not a seal. Selkies traditionally transform from seals to human, you see, but Dylan is a little different. Because that difference is featured prominently in the book, Myrhlynn went the extra mile and made a sea lion image instead of a seal. Also, I have to give her props for the bright, happy cover. It is a perfect match for Dylan’s personality, and the picture (the craggy rocks on the beach) is a spot-on representation of Ringsted landscape. And–as I’m sure you have come to expect–I am absolutely enthralled with the fonts she used! I think fonts are the frosting on the cake, and Myrrhlynn always chooses the best!

Are you excited, Champions? I can’t wait to see what you think of Dylan and her friends, and it’s less than a week away. Woohoo!

2 comments on “Cover Reveal & Release Date

  1. I love the cover too! The sea-green and blue make me think of Dylan’s dresses… and the rocky shore hints at the difficult road she’ll have to travel… I also love the white foam… they conveys the power of the ocean water, which is like Dylan’s character: it can be both gentle and strong, and playful too…
    The Little Selkie is really my favorite book of all the Timeless Fairy Tales, so I’m so happy that its cover is also the most beautiful in my eyes… Thank you for the delightful journeys!
    (I also love your King Arthur and Her Knights, and your belief that women shall be strong for themselves rather than waiting for a man to save them…)

    • I’m glad you like it! It took Myrrhlynn forever to find an appropriate photo. As you mentioned, she wanted those brilliant blue/green jewel tones to give the book it’s “feel.” 🙂 Also, Dylan was such a strong, playful, and courageous character to write, so I’m especially glad you liked her.

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