Happy Mother’s Day

We have one more Little Selkie related topic to cover, but today we’re going to take a break from that. For those of you who aren’t from the USA, today is Mother’s Day. It’s a modern celebration that was created to honor mothers, AKA a holiday the card companies came up with to increase sales. But even if its roots are not made with the best intentions, I feel it’s an important holiday.

I am not a mother–unless Perfect Dog qualifies as a child–but I have a wonderful mom who, in addition to being a patient woman (raising a child as imaginative and sensitive as me was no small feat) continues to advise and teach me to this day. My mom is one of my beta readers. She catches editing errors, but she has a special knack for noticing when I accidentally let a character drop from a scene. She also poses as a sounding board, and lets me talk out my ideas with her. (Her friends would be shocked to learn the high percentage of our conversations that revolve around make-believe people and places.)

As my mom is very special to me, and I know quite a few of my readers are mothers, I wanted to honor the day by giving away a new short story: A Summon for the Seas. CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF FILE!

No matter your status–grandparent, parent, child–when you boil it down, today is about celebrating love. I hope you enjoy the day, and the short story! Thanks for reading.

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