Memorial Day Freebie

Monday–May 25–marks Memorial Day. Memorial Day is an American holiday in which we honor those who died while serving in the US armed forces. As the day is about honoring soldiers, I decided to put one of my stories that has military characters in it up for free. In the May newsletter (which was released May 1) I asked subscribers to vote on the following options: Red Rope of Fate, for Captain Arion and his men; Beauty and the Beast, for Commanding General Severin; The Wild Swans, for Defense Department heads Nick and Mikk; and Cinderella and the Colonel, for Colonel Friedrich and all of his men.

Red Rope of Fate won with 15 votes. C&C was in a close second with 14 votes, The Wild Swans had 5 votes, and B&B had 2 votes. So, mark your calendars. On May 25, Red Rope of Fate will be free! If you want to vote on freebies like this one, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter. I use my blog for big polls–like last summer when I asked which book I should write a sequel for–but specialized stuff like freebies and give-aways I pose to my newsletter subbers.

Happy Memorial Day to all, and to those who have served this country, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your sacrifices.

2 comments on “Memorial Day Freebie

    • Whoopsies, missed this comment. I replied in a different area, but just in case other readers are wondering, Red Rope will be free to everyone via Amazon (Just go to it’s amazon page the day of–I have a link in the post) and you can snag a copy. The newsletter subscribers got the perk of voting for the book that should be free. (I was a little surprised they picked Red Rope, but I have a soft spot for Tari and Arion, so I’m happy!)

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