Cover Reveal: Enlighten

I hope everyone had a lovely and meaningful Memorial Day! Mine was filled with family fun, and an abundance of good food.

We’re launching into the remainder of the week with a cover reveal for Enlighten! Enlighten, Book 5 of King Arthurs and Her Knights, is slated to release June 11–just two and a half weeks away!


Myrrhlynn lived up to her reputation and created another beautiful and meaningful cover. But. BUT. The cover and the title are not spoilers per say, but big, huge warning lights of what happens in this book. Enlighten. Just think about it. Notice the crown, which for the first time in the series is actually girly and not masculine/neutral. As for the sheep…a few super observant readers might remember who has a remote tie to sheep….

I’m not going to say anything more because once people learn what happens in this book there is going to be a storm of comments, and I would rather be underground when that happens. Thanks again, Myrhlynn, for another fabulous cover, and thank you, Champions, for reading! Stay strong–only two and a half-ish weeks!

12 comments on “Cover Reveal: Enlighten

    • 🙂 Hopefully you’ll enjoy it. I consider Enlighten to be one of the most important books in the series, so it’s extra important to get it RIGHT!

  1. Question. Is there a significance on what letter the crown is placed on the book title.
    Enthroned was N
    Enchanted was E
    Embittered was TT
    Embark was AR
    And now E?
    Or is it just randomly placed where Myrrhlynn deems it fit?

    • lol. Good question. No there is no significance as to which letter I pick for the crown. Usually I am just picking a letter that has a flat line at the top or where I think it looks good. That would have been a really cool idea though to make it some sort of code, but I can promise I didn’t intend that. 🙂

    • 😀 Hopefully you will find it worth the wait! I had so much fun writing this one–it’s very exciting–but I’m a little nervous about how it will be received.

  2. I just realized what you meant by the sheep thing! If I’m thinking what your think then… WHAT! NOOO! REALLY?!?! You don’t have to answer me, but touchy Shea… Touchy.

    • Hahahah your reaction tells me that you probably know what I was hinting at. Well done! I applaud your memory!

  3. Hi Kitty, in the post above you say that Enlighten is book 6 of King Arthur an her Knight, but I think this is book five!.. could you please confirm? Because I only have four books on Britt…
    If another book exist tell its name so I can have a copy!

    • Ahaha thanks for catching that! You are correct, Enlighten is number 5. At the time of the post I was plotting out Endeavor, book 6, hence the mix up.

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