Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day, Champions! For those who aren’t from the USA, June 21 is the American celebration of Father’s Day–the companion holiday to Mother’s Day–in which father figures are honored.

I am incredibly blessed with a straight-laced but funny dad who, although he is very practical and logical, was incredibly patient and supportive of me as I worked stubbornly towards my goal of being an author. My Dad is an accountant, and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him with a fiction book, but he always accepted and supported my passion for writing stories. Although you haven’t met him, all of you have read lines and dialog pieces inspired by my Dad’s wry humor.

In honor of all the fathers out there, as well as all the grandfathers and father-figures, I’m giving you guys another short Extra from the King Arthurs series: Father’s Feast–CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF FILE. The timing of Enlighten’s recent release is perfect as Britt is one of the few heroines who has a caring father figure. (I considered doing a short about Raven from life reader, and her Black Dog/spy father, but my cover-artist, Myrrhlynn, pointed out for father’s day he would probably take all his kids to a shooting range and then put them through a hellish obstacle course. I wanted to go for a sappy story, not comedic, so King Arthurs it was!)

As I mentioned with Mother’s Day, no matter your status–grandparent, parent, child–when you boil it down, Father’s Day is about celebrating love. I hope you enjoy the day, and extra! Thanks for reading.

8 comments on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. That was pretty cool. I’m glad you wrote something about them, I often wondered how their relationship was going.
    In Australia our fathers day is in September.
    My Dad is an accountant too, & he has a dry sense of humour.
    Thanks for the extra bit, have an awesome day. Xx

    • High fives for accounting dads! And yes, it’s hard to pack everything in a King Arthurs episode–like Britt’s close relationship with Sir Ector–so I was happy that I had this chance to illuminate the situation. 😉

  2. Loved it so much! I like how you are transitioning her into life in Britain with a new family to love her as much as her one she had to leave behind but instead of replacing the old with the new you make them blend so that she can become whole. Love everything you do with these stories!
    Thanks for the extras you give us to keep us fed till the next one comes out.

    • I always feel like in the original legends Arthur gets hung out to dry as a lot of his knights and advisers leave him. Sir Ector and Kay are rare individuals who stay with him until the end, and they get a pretty bad rep, so I was determined to change that for my version. Anyway! I’m glad you liked it! 😀

    • Normally I would, but I’m in the middle of attempting to binge write a new book–which means by the end of the day I’m completely brain dead. I am doing a Summer Reading Program though, so there will be lots of freebies in July!

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