King Arthurs Popularity Poll

I’m back on my work computer, so I can finally post the popularity poll for King Arthurs characters! Woohoo! This has been a long time in coming, but please vote for your favorite THREE King Arthurs characters. (I’m giving you three votes as I know Britt is a wildly popular character, but I want to know who else you like!)

Puss In Boots has gone through its first round with Editor #2. I finished my round of editing, and it’s been sent back to her for round two. Also, this week I’m finally getting a chance to go back over Cinderella, so it can be prepped for formatting for a paperback release. That’s about all I have the brain capacity for today–concentrating so intently on Cinderella really takes it out of me! Have a great week, Champions. I can’t wait to see who your favorites are!

2 comments on “King Arthurs Popularity Poll

    • That’s a good problem to hear about! It means the characters are likeable, woohoo! 😀 I do have to admit, I’m shocked Britt is so far in the lead! (To be fair, I love her the most, too!)

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