Announcements and Reminders

Just a reminder that today Robyn Hood is free on Amazon–download it here. Enchanted will be available for free starting tomorrow, and going through Tuesday, July 28, which will bring a conclusion to my Summer Reading program.

But, never fear! I’m excited to say it looks like Puss In Boots is on schedule for an August 6 release! Woohoo! Myrrhlynn will build the cover this weekend, and once I put a few final touches on it, Editor #1 will do a final read through for typos and abused punctuation. If all goes well, in a little over a week, Gabrielle and Puss will enthrall you with the story of their dynamic partnership.

That’s all for today–I’m going for short but powerful. Have a wonderful weekend, Champions!

2 comments on “Announcements and Reminders

  1. I am so excited about the Puss in Boots release! Expect me to be one of your first customers. 🙂

    Also, because of your Enchanted give-away, I went ahead and bought the Arthur books 1 & 3. (The Arthur books are the only ones I have not read!)

    • I hope you enjoy Puss in Boots! Both of my editors and my cover artist adored Puss, so I’m hopeful he’ll make everyone laugh.

      Also, I hope you enjoy King Arthurs, and I’m glad you snagged a free copy of Enchanted! 🙂

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