An End to Summer Reading

Today is the last day of my Summer Reading Program. The free book of the day is Enchanted, book two of King Arthurs and her Knights, pick up your copy today!

Myrrhlynn finished the cover for Puss in Boots, so it is on track for its August 6 release date. I won’t be doing a standard “Read & Review” contest, but I will have a deal that will bag you all an extra chapter of Puss, so get ready for that as well!

This is a really wimpy update, but in all seriousness that’s all I have for now. I’m trying to gear up simultaneously for Puss In Boot’s release, and writing The Snow Queen, so it’s a little hectic. Have a wonderful week, Champions! I will post again this weekend, with Myrrhlyn’s beautiful cover!

6 comments on “An End to Summer Reading

    • Haha, it’s a ways off (It will have a December release date) but I’m super excited too! I’ve been looking forward to writing this book since Rumpelstiltskin! Hopefully Puss in Boots will keep you occupied in the meantime, though. 😉

    • I’m glad they were all new books for you! Hopefully you’ll enjoy them–though I have to admit, the Robyn Hood book was one of the first I wrote so it doesn’t compare as favorably to my Timeless Fairy Tales.

      • To tell the truth, I’d already read them all but didn’t have my own copies. Don’t sell Robyn Hood short, it’s masterful storytelling. I got my younger sister reading them and she devoured both books in just a couple of days. It was hilarious watching her burst out laughing periodically throughout the day, and I was chuckling inwardly knowing what was coming for her. 🙂 We seriously love that story.

      • I’m glad you like Robyn Hood! I am fond of the story and characters, but style-wise the story makes me cringe. Still, it makes me very happy to hear that your sister laughed so much!

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