Puss in Boots: Released!

Puss in Boots is now available for purchase! You can get it HERE at Amazon!

You might notice that PiB is priced at $3.99, a $1 dollar increase over my other Timeless Fairy Tales. After a lot of consideration I decided to raise the price of Little Selkie and PiB because of all the extra editing they’ve gone through. Books 1-4 will remain at $2.99 as they lack those extra edits.

On to some fun news! I’m changing up my read and review special as I’ve had some problems emailing Champions when they submit their reviews to me. So, instead of doing the typical read and review exchange, I’m trying something a little different with PiB. Instead of having you leave a review and email it to me, you’re leaving a review to unlock bonus content! I have three sets of bonus material, and when Puss in Boots hits one of the review goals that I’ve set below, I will release the accompanying extra content! As the goodies are unlocked, I’ll be announcing them here on my blog. The goals are…

  • Goal One: Twenty Reviews: Unlocks–Unlikely Heroes, a two page short story
  • Goal Two: Fifty Reviews: Unlocks–Begrudging Silence, a three page short story
  • Goal Three: Ninety Reviews: Unlocks final short story, roughly seven pages long

NOTE: I WOULD STILL LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! I have quite the rapport with many of you Champions, and I would love to hear what you think of Puss in Boots, so if you have the time/inclination, feel free to email me in addition to leaving a review. It’s not that I don’t wish to hear from you, this is just my first attempt to fix some of the technology difficulties and organization issues.

I can’t wait to hear what you all think of Puss in Boots! As usual, for the next few weeks I’ll be taking a look at the original fairy tale, the themes presented in PiB, and other fun topics. Have a great evening, Champions. I hope you enjoy the story!

10 comments on “Puss in Boots: Released!

    • If you like the story and find it entertaining, I’ll consider Puss in Boots a worth-while project. 😉 Thank you for reading it!

  1. K. M. Shea has once again taken a classic fairy tale and revamped it into a fun, heart-pounding, lovable story! Gabi and Puss just took my heart away with them on their some times hair brained but always hectic adventures! While getting the entire story to fit into a timeline, a bewitching good job!

    • Hi Sophie, I’m glad you enjoyed Puss in Boots! Gabi and Puss were SO FUN to write. I had been looking forward to recording their antics since Wild Swans, so this story was a blast to write, and I’m pleased to hear you enjoyed their relationship. Thanks for reading!

  2. Loved this one so much! Can’t wait to read it again, hopefully this time I can be through it with out any interuptions. Please never stop creating these lovely treasures. I share them with everyone I come across looking for a new and tasteful author. You are a gem in a world full of less than stellar material and you make your novels safe for all ages. Thanks again for your great work!

    • Hi Kiarra, I’m thrilled that you find my work so fun to read, but I’m especially happy that you value their clean content. (Honestly that’s one of the best parts about being an author–finding people with similar reading values!)

  3. The thing that made this book was it’s characters, and not even the lead character. The supporting cast was excellent.

    In an odd reversal of the flow, Gabrielle’s point of view was largely reserved for bashing goblins and ogres, and Steffen’s displayed most of the romance. The switch was welcome and fun, and it also helped to set this book apart from the rest of the series.

    In my opinion, the same attitude that Gabi developed to keep away suitors also served to drive my interest away. Although her point of view about beauty was different from the norm, and it was a key part of character, I feel like that combined with her desperate need for love was the only aspect of her character. She seemed pretty two-dimensional to me.

    Steffen, on the other hand, is the character I have related to the most out of all of Shea’s books. In the Wild Swans, we caught a glimpse of his quirky and caring personality, and Shea brought that to the forefront in this installment. His hopeless blunders and witty comebacks made me smile and laugh, and it made him someone that I would fall in love with (if he was real!). He seemed human and real, and his love and worry for his father was perfect for his character. I loved Steffen!

    Henrick and Puss we’re excellent foils to Steffen and Gabi, as they countered the rash actions with smooth talk and sleek planning.

    The plot consisted largely of bashing dark creatures and Gabi and Steffen bickering and flirting. Nothing special, but it was executed well enough.

    It was an enjoyable and quick read, and often it brought a smile to my face!

    (Hope I put this in the right place! :))

    • Thanks for the feedback, Annabeth! I’m glad you liked Steffen–he was my secret favorite of the Wild Swan brothers, too, although he gets a bad rep thanks to his sarcastic mouth. Thanks for reading!

  4. Hope the reviews from the UK Amazon also count to unlocking additional content!

    Enjoyed reading how Stephen and Gabi fell in love and why Puss was quiet during the fall of the wicked witch.

    • They do, actually! 🙂 So do any reviews for the Australian Amazon site. (Goodreads counts as well, but that one requires a lot more tracking work.) I’m glad you liked the story, thank you for reading!

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