Catch up!

Well, well, well! I have got some news–good and bad–to share. We’ll start with the bad, because it’s not really that bad so much as it is me being dramatic. I have unfortunately come down with a cold. Yes, you guessed it. Sick panda has returned.

sick panda

The liiiight. It BURNS!

I’m not that bad, yet. Sadly I know it will get worse as I had the “privilege” to watch my sister go through all the symptoms. The worst day will be tomorrow, but I’ll probably be hopped up on meds for the next few days, which will make for some interesting blog posts.

But! The good news! I finished The Snow Queen and it is off to Editor #1 for the next few weeks! For those who are watching my release schedule, yes, The Snow Queen isn’t set to release until mid December. Unfortunately, Editor #2’s schedule is packed in the late fall/early winter, so I needed to write the manuscript and get it into the editing process as quickly as possible. However, worry not! My release schedule is still on time, so Endeavor from the King Arthurs series will release in November. I even have a little wiggle room at this point, something that is rare for me.

More good news: I’ve finally sent Cinderella and the Colonel to the formatters! This means you can expect to see it in paperback in September. As this time I have an inkling of what I’m doing, it should be done more quickly, so I can confidently say it will be out before the end of September, but privately I’m hoping it will be ready to go by mid September.

That’s about it for today. I intend to use my window of active brain cells to do some editing, so I need to hop off to work. Good luck to all you students and those with careers involved in the education world as you return to school. Personally, I cannot WAIT for school to start (it begins tomorrow for my area) as Perfect Dog and I always get swarmed by kids walking to school–something that greatly pleases Perfect Dog as she is highly social and thinks that I am a hermit/social leper. Until next time, Champions!

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