Fairy Tales Timeline

So this next Wednesday I’ll be doing a Puss in Boots wrap up post. I wanted to do it today, but as my thoughts are still fueled by cold meds, I decided to push it off. Instead, I’m releasing a Timeless Fairy Tales Timeline! WARNING: The timeline is filled with spoilers for all the fairy tales that are already released. If you aren’t all caught up, I suggest waiting to view it.

So the awesome–and confusing–part about the Timeless Fairy Tales, is that they’re all taking place over several years in the same continent. This naturally helps you to see the big-continent-wide picture, but it also makes the events a little difficult to figure out. So I’ve created this handy-dandy timeline for reference. I didn’t want to use a specific year timeline (I have a horrible time keeping our world history in line, it would be even worse trying to make up my own year system) so “year zero” is when trouble begins stirring on the continent. Click HERE to see the PDF. (Note: the timeline will also be available on the Timeless Fairy Tales page.)

I’ll update the timeline with each book release, so be sure to check back after new stories. Okay, that’s about all the brain cells I can rustle up for today. Thanks for reading, Champions!

9 comments on “Fairy Tales Timeline

  1. Hi there! Thank you so much for the timeline, it is very helpful! One question, I believe the epilogues from Swans happen around a year after clotilde is defeated so that would be year 4. How are you going to handle the two different endings in the future years?

    • Sorry for the delayed response, I wanted to bury this post before I respond because you–I suspect–caught on to some of the very particular language I used when crafting the endings of the books, which has the potential to be a fairly large spoiler.

      Both of the endings follow a similar timeline. The first half of the endings take place shortly after Clotilde is killed. In each of those scenes Elise mentions she will be unwilling to marry for a number of years because she wants to straighten out the country.

      The second half of the stories take place a number of years later, but, if you study them you’ll see, based on the references, that they take place after the culmination of all the fairy tales or–the reason I buried this post–the Shimmer Conflict. Most readers assumed the Shimmer Conflict referred to Clotilde’s defeat, which it didn’t. That’s about all I can say or it will get super spoiler filled, however, this does mean the endings do not take place in year four, they actually don’t take place for several years–as can be witnessed by the various stages of parenthood that Gabrielle and Steffen are in–which is why I didn’t put them on the timeline. Good observation skills, though!

  2. The timeline is good, it was a great idea. Hope you get, although I’m being selfish. You are a favourite author, and as Mums don’t get sick, nor do favourite authors,lol. Hope you do feel better soon xx

    • Thank you! 🙂 I try not to make a habit of being sick, mostly because anything I write during that time is absolute rubbish. The last time I attempted to write a fight scene while under the influence of cold meds, I babbled about the characters copying moves from Star Wars. It was quite embarrassing.

    • Thank you! I hope it makes the stories easier to understand. As the series grows it can be difficult trying to understand what is going on continent wide.

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