Available for Pre-Order: MBRC Anthology

Announcing a new story: The Lost Files of the MBRC: An MBRC Short Story Anthology! Available for pre-order today, with a release date of October 15, this anthology contains edited and updated versions of the two short stories I have available on this blog, as well as three brand new stories: A Magical Birthday, Release the Kraken, and The Marriage Trustee. In these stories, Morgan will revisit friends like Aysel, Asahi, Hunter, Madeline, Frey, Frank, The Beer Brothers, Krad, and Esmerelda. The anthology is almost the length of a King Arthurs book, so it’s priced at 99 cents.


I’ve been waiting for MONTHS to discuss this project, and it just about killed me when I decided not to announce it until it was available for pre-order, so today comes as a big relief to me.

It was so much fun getting back together with Morgan and the MBRC crew, but it did hit home the reminder than I can’t write another MBRC novel from Morgan’s point-of-view. Her cast of characters is too huge, and it would only grow if I continued her story. However, that doesn’t mean I’m finished with the MBRC world and characters, as you might notice when you read the new short stories. But enough about that!

To celebrate the anthology, I’m holding another rafflecopter give away! Enter to get a chance to win one of five free ebook copies of The Lost Files of the MBRC! The raffle opens today, and it will close on October 13. The usual rules apply–you can only enter once, no purchase necessary, I’m not responsible if unfortunate circumstances like loss of internet keep you from entering, etc–and if you choose to pre-order a copy of the anthology and end up winning a free copy as well, I will gladly send your copy to a person of your choice.

Now sadly the Rafflecopter widget doesn’t work on wordpress. I can only provide a link, so here you go: a Rafflecopter giveaway

So MBRC fans, give me a holler! Are you excited, or do you wish I would just leave the world alone? This is a bit of an experiment for me, so I would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading, Champions, and good luck to all who enter the raffle!

11 comments on “Available for Pre-Order: MBRC Anthology

    • Hahah, it is a book-world that is proving to be more stubborn in its existence than I anticipated…but hopefully you will feel the same after the anthology is released!

    • It is a little different type of MBRC story, but it’s got the same humor–Morgan is still Morgan after all–so hopefully you’ll still enjoy it!

  1. I am sooo excited for this! I saw your email at the end of my school day and nearly burst into happy tears I was so shocked and excited. (I’m glad I didn’t though, because that would have been a little embarrassing.) Thank you so much and please don’t leave the MBRC series alone!

  2. Aside from your Fairy Tale re-tells -which I love! – this is definitely my favorite set of books by you. So, yes, I am totally happy right now that you have decided to revisit this world. And a definite, “Yes!” to more stories from this world.
    Thank you!

    • I’m thrilled you enjoy the series so much! I have to admit I intended to be done with the series, but the MBRC characters aren’t the type to be set aside easily. I hope you enjoy the new short stories!

  3. Don’t Ever believe that a story world can be overdone. There are so many story worlds out there that don’t get enough attention. I love the MBRC universe and all it’s fun characters. There are many different stories just waiting to be told there!

    • I’m so happy you think so! Hopefully the anthology will entertain you like the previous stories. I tried to pack in a bunch of the old characters, so you’ll see plenty of Aysel, Madeline, Devin, and the like. 🙂

  4. Yay! Thank you for this anthology! I love the MBRC books and hope you keep on writing about this world. Seeing this post made my Monday.

    • I’m glad to hear that! 🙂 It is such a fun world–and if I’m being honest I feel like it has the most potential for hilarity out of all my book worlds.

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