Raffle Winners!

The raffle for ten ebook copies of The Lost Files of the MBRC is over! There was a total of 155 entries, and the Rafflecopter widget picked ten random winners! Congratulations to:

  • Lynda S.
  • Tamara C.
  • Audrey L.
  • Ray Ray
  • Heather A. M.
  • Abigael S.
  • Jennifer L.
  • Megan
  • Jill J.
  • Marwa K.

Names are abbreviated for the sake of privacy, but all winners have already been notified via email. (Remember, winners, if you’ve already pre-ordered The Lost Files, I am happy to send a copy to the person of your choice!) Thank you to everyone who entered the raffle, and congratulations to the winners!

That was a lot of fun, but why stop with there? The Lost Files of the MBRC releases tomorrow–Thursday, October 15. I can’t wait to see what you guys think of the short stories, but there’s more good news.  I have officially decided to continue with the MBRC world. The main character will not be Morgan–although you’ll still see her around–but perhaps even more importantly I will not be able to start this book until at least 2017. My writing schedule is absolutely booked for 2016, so unfortunately MBRC fans will be waiting a while for the next installment. 😦 Sorry, I considered not telling you all so the wait wouldn’t kill you, but The Lost Files hints about who the new heroine will be, so I thought sharing would be better. You don’t meet the new heroine, but she is brought up indirectly several times. Keep an eye out and send me your best guesses!

Right. I’m going to duck out now during your shocked silence. Until next time, Champions! Thank you for reading, and thank you again to everyone who entered the raffle!

15 comments on “Raffle Winners!

      • No kidding! I’ll bet Morgan and her’ll get along. Probably be best friends. Particulary if she is human, as then they would share a lot.

      • Lol, you two hit the nail on the head! She’s a firecracker, for sure, but stuffy Aysel will be good for her, too. 😉

      • Yes, it was fantastic! It was nice to get away from the computer, but I must confess I clung to my phone the way Golluem (sp?) holds The One Ring. I was climbing the walls, trying to figure out what everyone thought of the anthology!

    • In the freebie version of My Career at the MBRC Aysel is not married, but in the Lost Files version he is. To get him out of the workplace, Devin texts him that his aunt who is always trying to pair him up is here. But in the Lost Files version, he says someone it hitting on his wife. Big difference. If you compare the two, you will find more differences of the same sort in the two versions. It has to mean something.

      • Sorry, I was off on vacation for a few days! Anyway, you are right. I’ll be deleting the old version and putting up the new version in the freebies section this week. Basically what happened is I thought the series was done and over. Forever. But I had enough people who really wanted to know what happened to Aysel, which got me wondering. I ended up creating the new heroine, and eventually I realized the pair was going to be so funny I HAD to write about them, so Aysel’s future drastically changed in my mind thanks to the persistent questioning of fans. 🙂

  1. I am very curious to see what kind of human woman would be drawn to Aysel and vice versa.
    The other thought I had … and this would have to be a bit in the future…would be the story of the first female Pooka, Lindy and …wait for it…Krad! She would be an interesting heroine to follow because she would have all this woman-power confidence, but might be a little insecure that people are drawn to her just because of her Pooka pheromones. And maybe by the time she is 19 or 20 everyone else believes Krad ready to return to society, or help them in the newest generation *bad guy threat*, and she has taken over in teaching the “Humans 101” class. They are both super pretty and they know it, but they are also gun-shy, so they hide behind being flirty & snarky. Who’s with me?!

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