The Lost Files of the MBRC

Good Morning, Champions! I’m pleased to announce that today marks the release of The Lost Files of the MBRC!


Yaaaaay! As I mentioned previously, it was so much fun returning to Morgan’s world! I love those characters so much–the only downfall of the hilarious MBRC cast is that there are SO MANY. Speaking of characters, let’s talk covers! Myrrhlynn copied the same style she used for the two novels, so they look all pretty and set-like. This cover features two previously known characters: Aysel Moonspell, a high elf; and Shale, a dark elf. Shale didn’t enter the MBRC series until the finale of Farewell to the MBRC? and you’ll better recognize her as belonging to the “exclusive” group, the Beer Brothers. (As you might recall, the Beer Brothers only drink root beer, so if you click on the cover and take a peek at the larger version, the can Shale is holding says “Root”) The last character depicted on the cover is unique to the anthology, so I’m going to keep my mouth shut about him to keep from giving away spoilers for those who haven’t cracked the book open yet.

I was a little worried that the short-stories wouldn’t allow me to deep character relationships, etc. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised the way the stories all came together. I particularly enjoyed writing A Magical Birthday–which follows Morgan on the night of her 21st birthday.

Okay, I’ll hush up until you all get a chance to read it. When you do, let me know which short story was your favorite–I’m keen to hear! Thank you for reading, Champions, and have a lovely day!

12 comments on “The Lost Files of the MBRC

  1. Just got your email, and immediately hopped over to Amazon and bought the book. Am so excited, since I fell in love with this series from the very first book. And thank you, for deciding to continue the series – even though we have to wait forever! (Just kidding).
    Now, off to read. Again, thank you!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the series! It is such a fun concept, but I will admit the main reason I decided to continue the series is because of the Champions who really wanted more. 🙂 Stories don’t usually “end” in my brain–I always picture more happened to the characters, like all the little extras Morgan went through in The Lost Files–so I feel very honored that other readers feel the same way.

  2. I still think the new heroine is Aysel’s girlfriend. She is human, and Aysel’s girlfriend. What better for a set up.

  3. It is Aysel’s girlfriend. In the Lost Files of the MBRC in My Career at the MBRC Aysel has a wife, but in the freebies, all the portions that talk about a wife are not there, replaced or just deleted. His aunt comes (who keeps trying to match him up) in the freebie version, but in the Lost Files version someone is trying to hit on his wife. Thats got to be it.

    • Sorry, Rosa, I replied to one of your comments already, but I’ve been away on vacation so I couldn’t respond to my messages. Anyway, you are right! There is a discrepancy–for now, until I replace the old version with the new version. The big difference is because fans essentially changed my mind. I thought I was finished with the series, but fans really wanted to know what happened to Aysel, so my creativity kicked in. 😉

    • Yaaay, I’m so glad to hear that! I’ve been paying a sharp eye on this book to help me judge if readers would be interested in something similar in the future, so thank you for the feedback!

    • It will sadly be a bit of a wait, but I have to admit that I’m greatly encouraged. I was worried readers would be disappointed that Morgan wasn’t going to be the main heroine, but so far everyone has been pretty excited!

  4. Actually, I think I will enjoy this next series more. I mean, I loved Morgan and her friends, but now I have already been introduced to the MBRC, and Aysel. So watching him fall in love will be ridiculously funny! I love hilarious books best, but clean romance is a close second. Thanks so much for giving me books that are both! And for making a lot of “based on fairytale” books.

    • Morgan’s take on the MBRC was funny just because the reality of “magical beings” whacked her in the face. The stories of Aysel and his gal will be hysterical because she is going to make him paaaaaaaay to end up with her! 😀 It’s not going to be out until 2017 or 2018, but already in advance I hope it makes you laugh–and go “awww” over the romance of course!

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