Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat, Champions! I hope you are all enjoying Halloween–has anyone had any trick-or-treaters yet? It begins for my neighborhood in about two hours, which is not soon enough! This year I bought Sour Punch Ropes–which is basically sour patch kids in a licorice shape–and I am have a dreadfully hard time not eating an entire bag by myself.


But! I do have a treat to share with you! First of all, Cinderella is officially for sale in paperback! Let there be many celebrations for I FINALLY got it released! Woohoo! Ugh, I am so sorry that took me so much longer than it should have, but it’s out!

Your second treat is a short story: A Mage Welcome! It is a nine page short story  starring Gemma and Stil of Rumpelstiltskin and Dylan and Prince Callan of Little Selkie. It follows the previous Timeless Fairy Tale crossover in that it observes the characters as they flock to Chanceux Chateau for the country summit Elle and Severin are holding. Originally this little puppy was only going to be about five pages, but the characters ended up running the show so…yes, nine pages.

Happy Halloween–I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for reading, Champions. I’ll see you next week!

2 comments on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Thank you, and happy Halloween!! No trick-or-treaters have come by yet, although there aren’t many kids in this neighborhood.
    I can’t wait to read the short story…

    • The cutest costume I saw was a toddler in a dog costume–she was so tired she could barely lift her head, it was adorable! I hope you enjoyed the story and the trick-or-treaters!

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