The Robber Maiden: Unlocked!

A big thank to all the Champions who bought and reviewed The Snow Queen: Heart of Ice! It has had a smashing release–seriously, it’s broken all my release records. This of course is only possible because of you all, so thank you for your support! Also, I’m very happy as it seems like Heart of Ice is the new favorite. (Farrin Fever has become a thing!)

Moving on, there’s been over 25 reviews, so you’ve unlocked the first short story: The Robber MaidenClick here for the PDF! It takes a short peek at Phile loitering around Ostfold before she prances off to join Rakel. I love Phile, so I’ve been forward to sharing this extra with you guys. Phile’s sense of humor is so off the wall, and she’s a great foil for Rakel–who tends to be stoic. Without Phile, the book would have been a lot darker as the other main characters–like Farrin and Halvor–aren’t exactly Miss Merry Sunshines either.

The main point of today’s post is to let you know the first short story is unlocked, so I’m going to cut myself off there for now. Thank you again, Champions. Have a marvelous weekend!

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