Second Extra Unlocked

Well done, Champions! You’ve unlocked the second extra: Tour of Ostfold Part 2 This is a continuation of the “Tour of Ostfold Part 1” freebie that I released with Heart of Ice. If you haven’t read that one yet, I suggest you go over to the freebies section (located under the aptly named freebies tab) and give the first one a quick read. Thank you to everyone for reviewing, I do appreciate your feedback!

In other news, most appropriately parts of the Midwest–including my dear Wisconsin–got dumped with a few inches of snow yesterday. March is kind of a jerk in Wisconsin as it usually teases us with warm weather and then smacks us with a winter storm, so this was not really a surprise, but when I was glancing over my Snow Queen freebies–looking for errors–it did put me in the spirit of the book.


Ahhh Star Wars and Sarcasm, the merging of some of my favorite things!

Things are going with Swan Lake. I’m fiddling a little bit with its villain, Rothbart. It seems to me that he doesn’t pop up in the story often enough, so I’ll have to go back and add him into another scene or two. I like Odette–the main heroine–a lot! Rakel was much more cool tempered and internally emotional. Odette is sarcastic and mouthy–my favorite when writing characters!

Sadly that’s all I have time to share today. Don’t worry, I will be writing some more Snow Queen themed posts, I’m just a little short on time. Perfect Dog had her teeth cleaned at the dentist and the anesthesia has her a little groggy so she’s stumbling around a lot.  I don’t want her going up and down stairs in that condition, and my office is in the basement, so I need to jet.

So thank you for reading, Champions! I’ve loved reading all your kind and thoughtful notes and reviews. Thank you for being my readers! Until next time, take care.

9 comments on “Second Extra Unlocked

  1. I love the freebie! Just curious, though: the Queen of Hearts was mentioned. Are you going to write a book about her?

    • 😀 Excellent! I just finished the first draft yesterday. Though it needs a lot of editing, I had a lot of fun with Odette–and, oddly enough, Rothbart. Usually I don’t like my villains, but he grew on me.

  2. Love these freebies! And I can relate about the weather! I live in west Michigan, so we’ve had a lot of the same thing. Snow dumps on us on the past Thursday. Then Sunday we got up to 50 degrees and all the snow melted. Then this past Tuesday, we got dumped on again with more snow and cold weather.

    • Yikes! Yeah, you gotta love that awkward time between winter and spring, when the weather is as flippant as a cat. We’re finally getting some sunshine in Wisconsin–I hope you are too in Michigan!

  3. I love what Garrison Keillor once said about March (paraphrased): “March is what God gives to those who don’t drink so that they know what a hangover is.” It is the same with us here in Vermont. Looking forward to Swan Lake.

    • HAHAHAHA, oh my, that is perfect! I was talking with a teacher, and she mentioned they call the February/March stretch “Farch” because of the bad weather and it is apparently difficult on the students. It seems appropriate.

    • Ugh, I bet. Although it seems like the Midwest has finally calmed down. I can see the sun right now, in fact! 😀 (Yes, it is a rare occurrence that must be celebrated.)

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