Email Blues

Whelp. I’ve made an unfortunate discovery this week. Way back in December, I tried fine-tuning my spam filter for my kmshea email. Unfortunately, it seems my inbox took that as an invitation to black-roll just about everyone who filled out a “contact me” message form and sent me an email. So, it turns out I’ve been missing about 90% of the messages and emails that were being sent to me over the past few months, and I only figured it out this week.

tech support

This is particular horrifying to me because I’ve made it a personal goal to be available and plugged-in, so to speak, with my readers. I’ve felt quite pleased with myself because it’s been going so swimmingly–or so I thought. Little did I know I was failing badly in the realm of email. So to anyone who has tried to contact me via email since December 2015, I am so sorry. I have the problem fixed, and I’ve managed to recover my emails back to mid-March so I have replied to all of those messages. Unfortunately, it seems like my December through March 15th emails are gone. If you emailed me then, please feel free to email me again! Normally I’m really good about responding, so you can usually count on a response.

Again, I apologize for this tech malfunction. On a lighter note, you can look forward to a new post tomorrow about Enchanters and Enchantresses in Timeless Fairy Tales! Thanks for reading, Champions!

4 comments on “Email Blues

  1. It’s good to know that even professionals get IT stuff wrong. It’s all ok, you are my favourite writer so you kinda get a bit of slack.

    • I FREQUENTLY get IT stuff wrong…Which is pretty insulting as before I was able to be a full-time author I considered myself pretty handy with the computer. Hah!

      Anyway, thanks for the slack! 😉 All the same, I will endeavor not to do this again.

    • It wasn’t so much of a bother for me as it was maddening/dispiriting/guilt-inducing… Although now that you mention it I did have a few choice words for my spam filter that, if I were speaking politely, could be condensed down to “you’re a bother.” 😉

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