B&B Revised

Good news, Champions! The revised edition of Beauty and the Beast is up and live in the Kindle store. (We’ve got another week or two before the paperback will be good, so it’s still the old version at this point.)


Ta-da! The new cover! Although Elle’s most well-known dress is rose-red, Myrrhlynn decided to go with pink so no one would mistake the level of romance in the book.

I’ve gone back and forth with Amazon, and they’ve pulled through for us again and decided to make the update available to everyone who has previously bought B&B. In speaking with an amazon rep, they said they will send out an email to everyone, informing them of the new edition, and that you’ll be able to update it by going to your amazon account and choosing “Manage my content,” and selecting the update for the book–much like you did with Red Rope. However! Myrrhlynn and I both had the new version pushed onto our devices, so I think they might have decided to push it on to everyone’s kindles.

If they have, when you turn on your reading device, B&B will begin queuing, and the new version will download. (It might take a little while for your Kindle to figure all of this out, so give it a few minutes.)

To check and see if you have the revised edition, open it up and read the first line. The new version begins: Prince Severin happened to be pacing in the little hall when the stained-glass skylight shattered, and a young woman fell through the ceiling with the broken glass. She dropped like a twisting cat and landed with an ominous crack.

If you have anything that does not say exactly that, you have one of the old versions. (The Prince Severin part of the line is the big clue you’re reading the new version. The older versions have something similar, but that scene is now told from his point-of-view, which makes it very different.)

The new version has a few new scenes, a lot of extra content in old scenes, the new cover, and a few plot tweaks. I hope you enjoy it!

Alright, I’m sure you’re all chomping at the bit to take a look at the new version, so I’ll cut it off there. Have a great weekend, Champions. Thank you for reading!

13 comments on “B&B Revised

  1. Amazon UK have automatically updated my copy of B&B, although the old cover is still showing. However, the new cover pops up when I open the book. And may I just say that the audio book of Red Rope of Fate is lovely …. I’ve been listening to it whilst commuting all week .

    • Great–I’m so glad to hear it automatically updated! It’s a big pain for readers to have to contact Amazon to get the new version, so I was absolutely gleeful when Myrrhlynn mentioned her kindle automatically updated as well.

      Also, thank you for the feedback on the audio book! It was so much fun to do, but I didn’t know if it was something everyone would find valuable.

  2. So I have to ask…do you like this one better now? 😉 You’ve expressed frustration with it in the past…so….

    • YES. (SPOILER) Giving Elle orders to watch the Chateau instead of taking a holiday made it so much easier to get her motivated to move around. She didn’t change, she was just given the incitement to actually interact with Severin, so I was able to cut some of the slow/draggy parts. I am much happier with this version!

      • That’s great! Some readers have mentioned they don’t see the difference, which makes me a bit horrified, but I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😀

  3. Unfortunately, mine never gets updated. I love your stories and wish I could read it with the new content, but I can not read it now! 😦 ANYWAY keep up the amazing writing!

    • Yeah, I think chewing gum, tape, and fairy magic hold Amazon’s update function together as I’ve had some fun times with it too. At least they’re nice about giving you the new version if you contact them, though!

  4. I bought the new version today and it is still the old version. However, when you review the book on Amazon it is the new version.

    Also, when I check ‘manage my content, there is no option to update.


    • Hmmm, well the tricky question is, did you ever read the old version? (Even if you read it on Kindle Unlimited, that counts.) If you read it on Kindle Unlimited, you’ll have to recruit Amazon to manually push the update on to your advice. Use the “help” link to get to the “contact us” page, and then select your problem as digital services, and explain the issue to them. I would suggest using the messenger system or selecting a call as your contact method–email usually takes them a while where as the others are instant. Good luck!

  5. So I just downloaded this book using my Kindle unlimited account, but it is not the updated version. The first line says something about the servants would have screamed if they’d been able to. Any chance of getting them to update the Kindle unlimited version? It has the new pretty cover, but not the new content. Thanks!!
    (Love your books, btw. Read all of them, and several multiple times. Was just about to go thru B&B for the second time. Must say that Rumpelstiltskin is my all-time favorite. 😀)

    • Oops… Hate it when I submit a comment, and then see you wrote something about it above. I believe I did previously read it on Kindle unlimited as well, so I’ll have to see if they can push the new one… Though once you return the book, I wonder why they’d push an old version if you check it out again.

      • Hi Kim, I hope you were able to get the new version! Amazon and their borrows/editions issue is quite mystifying and mostly I’m just guessing for reasons why you might be stuck with the old version. But, as you saw, Amazon can easily push the new version onto your Kindle if you ask them. 🙂

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