Happy Panda is back!

EDIT: New website is launching THIS AFTERNOON! (9/30) It will take me a few days to get everything reorganized, things will be wonky this weekend.

The time has come for the return of happy panda!


For those of you who have joined up with our stellar community in the last year, I occasionally will use panda pictures to communicate my mental level of function. (I mostly use it when I am sick and words are difficult for me to use due to my mushy brain.) Today, however, is such a joyous occasion, I had to use a happy panda picture! “What is so wonderful about today?” you might ask.

First up: Not only is Sleeping Beauty written, I’ve already completed the dreaded first round of editing! I’m hoping to do a lightning round this afternoon, and then tomorrow it gets sent off to Editor #2! As I mentioned previously it is much more lighthearted than Swan Lake or the Snow Queen books, and it’s actually fairly long. Right now it’s clocking in at about 75,000 words. (For reference, Sacrifice, the longest fairy tale book I’ve written thus far, is 78,000 words.)

Next: The Dirty Shepherdess is almost finished! I’m supposed to be working on it right now, but I’m right at the place where the two characters confess their love. This never fails to make me turn beet red and feel like a peeping tom, so I’m avoiding it at the moment.

Finally: I’ve seen the new website, and it is amazing! If all goes well we’ll be moving in sometime next week, so things will look really different! (And by different, I mean 1,000 times better.)

I suspect next week I’ll be busy with website work (There’s a few new pages going up and some new things you guys haven’t seen yet that I need to prep) but then I’ll be diving into the world of Britt and her boys. My plan is to do an editing sweep of the previous books (there’s a few typos that need fixing) to give me a chance to get my King Arthurs groove on, and then I will begin Endings!

That is it for today. Thanks for reading, Champions! Have a lovely weekend!

2 comments on “Happy Panda is back!

    • It should be ready for a mid-December release! (I was looking at the 15th or there-abouts. Like an early Christmas gift! 😉 )

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