Snow Queen

Hello champions! I want to open up today’s post with a reminder that if there’s anything you’d like me to specifically talk about—whether it’s something about my books, writing, or just life in general— don’t be afraid to shout it out in the comments! Sometimes it’s hard to come up with content for my blog, mostly because I don’t know if you’re getting sick of a particular topic, or if there’s something else you’d rather discuss.

I say that because the past few weeks I’ve been at a loss as to what I should discuss in my posts. I know I should write about snow Queen, however, that series is so full of spoilers for the future of the Timeless Fairy Tale series, that I’m a little leery of mentioning it. You Champions are too intelligent!

I am grateful and humbled, though, by the amazing support you guys gave Sacrifice. The Snow Queen books have been my best sellers to date, and I’m thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive response to with them. In fact, right now and are running specials on Heart of Ice as part of a month-long deal. Hear t of Ice’s price has been significantly slashed on those two stores, so if you use or please check it out!

Finally, I’m going to wrap up this post by adding that Princess Ahira is going to be for free on April 15 to celebrate the due date of American taxes. ( Myrrhlynn pointed out to me it would’ve been a lot more appropriate if Cinderella and the Colonel was the selected celebration book due to Cinderella’s struggle against taxes. Unfortunately, I had already set up the special, or I would’ve changed it!)

That is it for today, Champions! Again, if you’ve anything you wish to discuss, please shout it out in the comments or send me a message. Thank you for being awesome, and thank you for reading!

Ahira is getting a Makeover!

So The Wild Swans has been zipped off to my editor, and I’m too mentally challenged to dive straight into my next book. As a result, Princess Ahira is getting a makeover! My fabulous editor went through and fixed the embarrassing typos and errors, and to celebrate the occasion Myrrhlynn made a new cover.


The new cover has already been posted to Amazon, and I will upload the corrected manuscript this  coming week. Woohoo! Finally, I will leave you with an update on the CHAMPIONS’ CHOICE poll. Remember to vote by April 3!

  • Life Reader: 24
  • My Life at the MBRC: 27
  • Red Rope of Fate: 11

Princess Ahira Updated

Princess Ahira has been re-edited and is ready to be re-released on Amazon at her new price of $2.99. I’m hoping to put her up early tonight. If you haven’t bought Princess Ahira yet and you want a cheaper (less edited) copy I suggest you snag one right now. Otherwise if you’re patient I will probably put Ahira up for free later this year/early next year.

I’m very pleased with all the edits I made. I think the story will be a smoother read, and I fixed a few minor characterization issues.

After this I’m returning my attention to Enchanted, book two of King Arthur and Her Knights. As editing Princess Ahira took longer than expected it’s pretty safe to bet that Enchanted sadly won’t be released until early October.

In other news I’m slowly being driven mad. While a few of the big name authors I like (Gail Carriger’s Etiquette and Espionage, Ally Carter’s Heist Society) have done a jolly good job of continuously producing new books some of my favorite books/series haven’t had any new books in years. (Cough, Tamora Pierce and Robin McKinley cough) I have patiently waited for Pegasus II for over THREE YEARS, and they still don’t have a publishing date! Pierce hasn’t been as bad as McKinley, but it feels like over the last few years she’s taken much longer to release books as well. These books are well worth the wait, but I would do a lot to have McKinley post even one blog about the progress of Pegasus II. (For those of you who haven’t read Pegasus, read it! It’s fantastic!)

That’s all for today, Champions. Hopefully I’ll have some more amusing news to share with you come Wednesday. Ta!

Editing News

It has come to my attention that a few of my older books, Like the Robyn Hood series and Princess Ahira, are in great need of some TLE, or Tender Loving Editing. My editor, Sunshine, recently combed through both of the Robyn Hood books and I’m devoting myself to Princess Ahira. Princess Ahira is getting a formatting facelift, and I’m tightening up the writing as I go. (In example I’m replacing words that don’t necessarily belong in the world/time that I portray Ahira to live in, fixing errors, cutting back descriptive language, etc.)

Robyn Hood will be getting the same treatment from me, but for now Ahira is the book that is really getting a remake. I’m announcing this because when I release the new, cleansed version of Princess Ahira I plan to mark the price up to $2.99. The new version will include some bonus content (two short stories) but if you don’t mind formatting errors and you do mind the upcoming price tag I suggest you snag a copy while it’s available at 99 cents.

Some of you may be wondering why I’m bothering to fix books I’ve already released. Truth be told I wasn’t aware of how to properly format a word file so it could be loaded onto a Kindle when I released Princess Ahira. I’m much better at that process now, so when I look back at Princess Ahira it’s more than a little embarrassing. Plus I am fond of Princess Ahira, and no story deserves the horrid errors I’ve discovered in it.

Thanks for reading, Champions, I will speak to you on Wednesday!

Princess Ahira Oatmeal

Oatmeal isn’t really a recipe per say because just about anyone can make it, but I’m such a dork I actually figured out what toppings the main cast from Princess Ahira would put in their oatmeal–which Azmaveth and Ahira have frequently for breakfast in Princess Ahira. Tonight I’m feeling a burning desire to share my dorkiness with you all, so we can eat Author-Obsessive-Princess-Ahira-Oatmeal together.

Here’s what to do if you don’t know how to make oatmeal. (Not that instant stuff in the little packets, I’m talking about actual oatmeal that you cook on the stove.)

1. Go to the supermarket

2. Buy a box/canister/container of oatmeal.

3. Take said purchase home

4. Read the directions on the container and make your oatmeal.

It doesn’t take long to make, although it does hit your stomach like a sack of potatoes. Still, with the right toppings it is delicious. As a side note I’m not giving you quantities on most of the oatmeal toppings, that’s because you’ll want to flavor them to suit your tastes. Anyway, without further ado, here’s how the Princess Ahira characters flavor their oatmeal.

Ahira: A simple recipe for a simple princess

  • Honey
  • Nuts (Pecans or walnuts are best.)

Azmaveth: For the fussy dragon in your life

  • Apple chunks (the smaller the better)
  • Brown sugar
  • dash of cinnamon
  • Granola (chocolate granola is the best)
  • Butter

Zerah: Because blue is always better

  • Regular white sugar
  • Raisins (He’s such a sour grape)
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • Milk (He likes his oatmeal soupy)

Aaron: Who cares how it tastes if it feeds ya?

  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Nuts or sunflower seeds (Pine nuts or salted nuts apparently taste best with salt and pepper. Don’t quote me on that though.)

Yes, Aaron’s toppings are no joke. That is an actual way people flavor their oatmeal. Granted I think it is an excessively gross way, but whatever floats your boat. Please post any oatmeal ideas you have for the rest of the Princess Ahira crew to share with myself and your fellow Champions! (Can you imagine what Cinders would put in her oatmeal??)