Fanart and Audio Book!

Happy Friday, Champions! I’m going to bust right into this because I’ve been waiting forever to share this news, but Red Rope of Fate‘s audio book is now available for purchase!


Ta da! Isn’t it pretty? If you want to hear an audio sample click here to go to Tantor media (the publisher of the audio book) and right below the picture is a sample of the first few paragraphs of the book. Listening to it simultaniously fills me with awe and makes me want to scream into a pillow. When I decided to forgo traditional publishing I pretty much gave up on the idea of having audio books, so watching Red Rope turn into an audio file has been incredible! (The narrator, Lucy Rayner, did an amazing job!) It’s available on Audible and Amazon, but I think the cheapest spot is if you buy the MP3-CD directly from Tantor, though I have no idea what their shipping is like.

We’ll have to celebrate its release, but my brain is playing dead right now as I spent the morning playing with Create Space. (Good news: Heart of Ice’s paperback should be available next week. More News: Myrrhlynn is hoping to tackle Sacrifice’s paperback cover this weekend, so it shouldn’t be too far behind Heart of Ice. Slow news: B&B’s paperback revision is in progress.)

But the fun isn’t over yet! I received some fantastic fanart just when Swan Lake was released, but this is the first time I’ve had a chance to show some of it off! Today’s incredibly talented artist is our very own Hobbitlady97! She made a pretty awesome sketch of Elle of Beauty and the Beast. She said the portrait of Elle is specifically after Severin’s curse is broken, but before he comes after her in Verglas.


I think her hair is my favorite part. That might sound odd, but my drawings/stick people usually end up with three hairs on their head because I lose patience or their haircut looks like a bunch of noodles, so I can really appreciate how difficult it is to pull that off!

Okay, that’s it for now, but next week I should have something fun in store for everyone! Until then, thanks for reading, Champions! Have a splendid weekend, and thank you for being you!

Book News

Greetings, Champions! I’m pleased to announce that Swan Lake is now available for pre-order! Woohoo! I am a mash of excitement and apprehension with this puppy. I’m excited because Odette, the heroine, was so much fun to write. To start with, she’s sarcastic–which is my FAVORITE to write because it opens the doors to humor–but she is also exceedingly practical and a bit mouthy. I hope you guys like her as much as I do. I am nervous, though, because this is the first story I’m publishing after the Snow Queen books. The Snow Queen books had a phenomenal reaction, and a lot of new Champions joined our ranks as a result of it, which is amazing, wonderful, fabulous, and a whole string of adjectives I would list here that would make my editors tell me to narrow down my word choice…but it’s also a bit intimidating because Rakel is now something of a standard my characters have to live up to.

So, I’m really looking forward to hearing what you all have to say about Odette and her crew.

Next, more book news! Red Rope of Fate is getting an audiobook! It’s my first audiobook ever, and it’s being produced by Tantor Media. Lucy Rayner is the narrator, and she’s got some serious narrating creds. She narrated the audiobook version of Maleficent and Brave. (If you want to here a sample of her work, click here to go to the Maleficent Audible page, there’s a sample you can listen to. Try to listen to the whole thing as the sample starts with her in the middle of a piece of dialog.)

So far the processes has been a lot of fun! I worked with a production assistant to pick the narrator, and I got to email back and forth with Lucy to confirm some of the pronunciations. They are still working on producing it, so Red Rope of Fate‘s audiobook will be available sometime in mid to late July.

That’s all of my exciting news for now. Have a marvelous weekend, Champions, and thank you for reading!

Winners & Red Rope Updates

Good day to you, Champions! Today is another newsy, update filled day.

First of all, congratulations to the five winners of my Mother’s Day raffle:  Cindy K, Catherine K, Becky G, Johanna D, and Gia! All five winners have been emailed, and will receive their prizes as soon as they get back to me let me know which K. M. Shea e-book they would like. Thank you to everyone who entered—I hope you all had a happy Mother’s Day!

I do have more news to share on Red Rope of Fate. With the help of some of my fabulous Champions, it has come to my attention that anyone who has read Red Rope of Fate through Kindle Unlimited and then purchased the new edition of Red Rope of Fate, is still going to get stuck with the old version. Your Kindle and Amazon account have something of a memory, so even if you deleted the book off of your account and repurchased it you’d still end up with the old edition. To get the new version, you want to talk to Amazon customer service.

How can you know if you have the old edition or the new version? Easy! The first words of the new edition are… “Elves and Humans could not communicate. Tari had known this since she was young.” If you don’t have that, you’ve got the old version.

To contact customer service, go to any Amazon page and scroll to the bottom. Under the “Let Us Help You” at the very bottom there is a “Help” tab. Once on the new help page, scroll down to the “Browse Help Topics” and at the bottom of the topics list you’ll see “Need More Help?” click on that and it will bring up a sub-menu. One of the sub-menu options is “Contact Us” which will take you to a new page. It asks what you want help with (Digital services) and what the exact problem is, then asks your preferred contact method–the website says a phone call is best, but most Champions have said instant messaging works great as well. (Email, not so much.)

Then tell them you have a book in your account that you want updated because there is a new edition available.

This will work for those of you who have not gotten the updates available button, although by now everyone should have it. (Another helpful Champion who spoke to customer service said Amazon mentioned it might take a day or two for the updates available box to pop up on your account, but as it has been over a week if you haven’t gotten it now you probably need to contact customer service.)

Thus far, everyone seems pretty happy with the changes to the book– which obviously makes me a happy, happy author. Swan Lake is going through some final edits with editor #2. Hopefully next week or the week after I’ll be able to send it back to editor #1 for the last proofread, and then it should be available for preorder in early June!

That is it for today! Thank you for reading, Champions, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Mother’s Day Raffle

Happy Mother’s Day, champions! Originally I had planned to release a post about the roles of enchanters and enchantresses in the Timeless Fairy Tale series today, however, there ended up being a few new, more pressing, updates I need to share.

To begin with, Red Rope of Fate has gone through a massive edit/rewrite. I’ve uploaded the new version, so it is available to purchase, but for those of you who have already bought it, I talked to an Amazon support techie, who made update available in your user account. He said, “We’ve sent an e-mail to customers who own the book to notify them of the update. These customers can download the update through their “Manage Your Content and Devices” page.” So keep an eye out for the email, or check out your “manage your content and devices” page.

The Red Rope of Fate rewrite includes several new scenes told from Arion’s point of view, and I trimmed down a lot of lengthy explanations. Hopefully, you will enjoy the changes!

Up next, is the KM Shea starter pack! In order to encourage newsletter sign-up, I will now be giving away a “starter pack” to anyone who signs up for the newsletter. The starter pack includes a two page King Arthurs short story, a four page Red Rope of Fate prequel story, and a short fairytale-esque story. (The fairytale story has no ties to the timeless fairy tales world, it is a completely original story.)


If you sign up for the newsletter, a link to the starter pack will be included in your welcome email. The link will take you to a site where you can download file for your Kindle, or view the PDF file. I am aware that many of you have already signed up for the newsletter, so in May’s newsletter– which will be going out shortly–I will include a link to the starter pack so everyone gets a chance to download it.

Finally, today marks the beginning of my Mother’s Day raffle. It’s free to enter, and out of the entrants five randomly selected winners will receive a K. M. Shea ebook of their choice. It opens today, and will close Thursday night, May 12. This raffle follows all the usual terms and conditions– I reserve the right to change the prize, shut down the raffle, etc– and you can only enter once.

As you might recall, there isn’t a rafflecopter widget for wordpress, so I have to use a link. So click here to go to the raffle!

Finally, I want to conclude with a shout out to all of you mothers! (And when I say mothers, I mean all of you wonderful ladies who have had an impact on the generations that come after you. Not all mothers have given birth, and that doesn’t make you any less amazing or inspiring to those who look up to you.) Being a mother is an incredible, tough, and simultaneously heartbreaking job, but I am so grateful for all of you! Enjoy your special day, and have a fabulous weekend! Thanks for reading, and I promise next week I’ll get that post out!

Book Banquet: Translator Tea

Today I’m featuring a recipe from one of my books, Red Rope of Fate. In Red Rope of Fate one of the ways the Translators’ Circle is able to swindle Tari into meeting with them, is by offering her their fantastic tea. Little does Tari know the tea is excessively easy to make.

Translator Tea


  • A black tea of your choice (Early Gray or breakfast teas are the best)
  • Cream (or milk)
  • Sugar (or honey)
  • a pinch of Cocoa
  • a pinch cinnamon

Preparation: There are two ways you can go about this. If you want to do it the quick/easy route buy black tea bags, boil water, and pour into a mug. Place the teabag in the mug and let it seep for a while before pushing the tea bag aside and adding the milk. Let it seep a little while longer before adding the sugar, and cinnamon, followed by a little bit of cocoa. Add just enough cocoa to get that nutty chocolate taste, the sweetness comes from the sugar, not the cocoa.

If you want to brew the tea the way the translators would have you’ll need some extra equipment.

For starters you’ll want to pick up actual black tea leaves. There are specialty tea stores in malls now, like Teavanna, otherwise you can purchase tea leaves online. Note: if you use tea leaves you’ll need to let it brew for a longer period of time then if you were to use a tea bag.

You will also need something to brew your tea leaves in. There’s a few ways of doing this. You can use an actual teapot with a built in strainer (just about all Japanese tea sets have these. You can pick up a Japanese tea set for a reasonable price at second hand stores/thrift shops.) or can use any tea pot and hold the tea strainer physically outside the pot as you pour yourself a cup, or you can purchase a steel tea ball which can be used to brew tea in a mug. (Just stuff the tea ball with the tea leaves and drop it in.)

If using a teapot place the tea leaves on the bottom of the teapot and then add the boiled water. Once your tea has brewed for a while add milk, or if you’re looking for a richer taste, cream. Again, Sugar or honey will serve as your as a sweetener. If you’re aiming for authenticity I recommend honey, as that would be the cheapest resource. Then add the cocoa and the cinnamon–you will need to stir the tea to mix these in.

I actually do have some pretty complex reasoning behind the ingredients. Since the elves only traded with Calnor they didn’t buy a wide variety of goods. Of course they were fine with this–they don’t really like change anyway so they would be unlikely to adopt foreign foods–but this means their sweeteners are fairly limited. When crafting their culture I decided they mostly use honey, fruit, and a little bit of sugar for their sweetening agents/baking.

Humans from Calnor, on the other hand, trade with the rest of the human countries. This means chocolate and cinnamon are available to them if they’re willing to pay the price and import them from other countries. (Which the translators circle does.)

Enjoy your tea and this bit of geeky goodness, Champions! I promise my next few Book Banquets will be actual recipes. 😉

Red Rope is Here!

Red Rope of Fate is available! Click here to see it on Amazon, or click here to see its Goodread’s profile.

Now remember, Red Rope of Fate will be available for free on Friday, April 26, and Saturday, April  27.  After that Princess Ahira will be available for free from Sunday, April 28, to Thursday, April 2.

Additionally, I’m offering an extra chapter of Red Rope of Fate to anyone who posts a review of Red Rope of Fate. NO the book does not end in a cliffhanger, NO the chapter does not contain information that is vitally important to the book. The chapter came about because I could not deny myself writing  it, but timeline wise it didn’t fit with Red Rope of Fate because it takes place several months after the last chapter.

To get this extra chapter all you need to do is post an honest review of Red Rope of Fate on it’s Amazon page, and then email me with a copy of your review in the body of the email. You can do this by filling out the form on my Contact Me page, or by filling out the form on the bottom of this post.


  • The extra chapter will be emailed to you in a PDF file and a Word Document file  for your viewing convenience.
  • I will email the extra chapter to you within 24 hours of your initial email. If I do not respond it means I didn’t get it, so please send it again!
  • This chapter giveaway will start Sunday, April 28. You can send me your review before then if you wish, but this weekend is crazy for me so I probably won’t have time to email the chapter to you.
  • This chapter giveaway will end Friday, May 31.

Whew, that’s all for today. Remember, post a review on Amazon and then email the review to me using the form below. Thanks for reading, Champions!

Red Rope of Fate: Uploading

I’m slightly behind my idealized schedule for Red Rope of Fate. In the ideal world I had hopes that it would be available for purchase today. Sadly that’s not going to happen, but if Amazon reviews it fast enough it will easily be available for purchase tomorrow. The freebie schedule hasn’t changed at all, I’m just uploading it a day later than I planned.

I cannot wait to go into a coma of stupidity after I am assured that Red Rope is indeed uploaded and ready for purchase. Come Friday I’ll be making some fun announcements about the next book I’ll be releasing, and I’ll go through the official information for obtaining the extra chapter of Red Rope. In a sentence it’s this: Review Red Rope on Amazon, email the review to me, and I’ll email you the chapter. However, I have to go over what to do if I don’t send you the chapter, how quickly you can expect the chapter, etc.

I could go on, but my IQ is dropping at an alarming rate. Rather than make you  suffer through a post that involves me gushing over Perfect Dog, I’ll simply end it here. Thank you for reading, Champions!

Cover Preview: Red Rope of Fate


Ta da! This is the official cover art for Red Rope of Fate. I think I’m more than a little bit in love with it. My cover artist tells me I can’t make such a suggestive title  again as it makes font selection rather difficult. I didn’t know what she was talking about until I checked out the romance section of Amazon. The title was inspired by a Japanese legend/folktale which states that there is a red string of fate wrapped around our little finger that attaches us to destined lover. I adopted the legend to for the story as elvish lore, and the rest is history.

Red Rope of Fate has been correctly formatted and edited. I still want to do another read-through edit, and I have to finalize the table of contents. (I’m determined to make this one pop up for you guys in the book menu.)  I’ll be uploading it on Wednesday, so you can expect it will be available for purchase on Thursday. Remember, though, it’s going to be free starting Friday!

Thanks for reading, Champions. I’ll see you all on Wednesday’s post!




Oh hello there Champions, pardon me but this post is rather short (and a little late) because I’ve been celebrating! Why am I celebrating? Because the first draft of Red Rope of Fate is FINISHED!

There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. I need to edit it a few times, there’s one scene that needs to be further fleshed out and two scenes that I need to add pieces to, and I need to format it for the Kindle. But… the majority of the work is done so HOORAH!

*Insert embarrassing author dance here*

WOW does my head hurt though. I’ve been binge writing for the past few days to finish Red Rope, so I have very few brain cells to spare. Sorry for the short update, but hey, IT’S FINISHED!!