The Lost Files of the MBRC

Good Morning, Champions! I’m pleased to announce that today marks the release of The Lost Files of the MBRC!


Yaaaaay! As I mentioned previously, it was so much fun returning to Morgan’s world! I love those characters so much–the only downfall of the hilarious MBRC cast is that there are SO MANY. Speaking of characters, let’s talk covers! Myrrhlynn copied the same style she used for the two novels, so they look all pretty and set-like. This cover features two previously known characters: Aysel Moonspell, a high elf; and Shale, a dark elf. Shale didn’t enter the MBRC series until the finale of Farewell to the MBRC? and you’ll better recognize her as belonging to the “exclusive” group, the Beer Brothers. (As you might recall, the Beer Brothers only drink root beer, so if you click on the cover and take a peek at the larger version, the can Shale is holding says “Root”) The last character depicted on the cover is unique to the anthology, so I’m going to keep my mouth shut about him to keep from giving away spoilers for those who haven’t cracked the book open yet.

I was a little worried that the short-stories wouldn’t allow me to deep character relationships, etc. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised the way the stories all came together. I particularly enjoyed writing A Magical Birthday–which follows Morgan on the night of her 21st birthday.

Okay, I’ll hush up until you all get a chance to read it. When you do, let me know which short story was your favorite–I’m keen to hear! Thank you for reading, Champions, and have a lovely day!

Dökkàlfar Trivia

Farewell to the MBRC? has been out for a few days now. I think I’m all caught up on sending out the extra chapter for review, however, I had two reviewers who requested the extra chapter. I tried to send it to you but I got delivery failure notices. So if you sent me an email over 48 hours ago and I haven’t responded with the extra chapter, please send it to me again!

OK, on to fun things! Farewell to the MBRC? was a challenge for me because I needed to find new magical races/beings to poke fun of, and to be a part of the story. The new race that was most central to the story were the Dökkàlfar. Dökkàlfar come from Norse mythology and translates to dark elves. There are different theories about what Norse dark elves are. Some say they might be a kind of dwarf because they are said to live in the earth and are described as swarthy. It seems unlikely, though, because there are Ljósálfar–light elves who live in the heavens. Modern culture–most notably the video gaming industry–has made dark elves into extremely attractive elves who usually have purple colored skin, silver hair, and spikey armor and weapons.

I wanted to make my Dökkàlfar more of a mish-mash, so I made them reasonably attractive with ash colored skin and colorless hair. However, I had to give dark elves the customary kick-in-the-pants that I give all the MBRC races. So Krad Temero did for Dökkàlfar what Madeline and Dave do for Vampires. He, when cursed anyway, makes them much less “Hollywood-ified” (Which is a word because I say it is) and a lot more dorky. The Dökkàlfar actually suffered a lot of dorkiness that I couldn’t easily fit in the story, but I still consider the facts to be true. For instance…

Krad–if you haven’t guessed already–walked around wearing clothes far too big for him because they were his clothes from before he was cursed. (Did you really think he would deign to acknowledge his new childish stature and go out to buy new clothes to fit him? Pfffft!) Also, during his imprisonment at the MBRC, Krad becomes a total comic-book junkie after Morgan gives him an X-Men comic book. Ethan’s date ideas were terrible because he was relying on a date-book he bought from a second-hand store. The date-book was organized by season, but Ethan didn’t comprehend that and plucked the ice cream and zoo dates from the summer section.

That’s all for today, Champions. Thanks for reading!

Farewell to the MBRC Released

It’s official. Farewell to the MBRC? is out! It’s a few hours early, but I’m glad. There was a part of the story I really slaved over for the past two days, so I’m relieved it’s finished and bundled up for you, Champions!

I already sent the book out to the three Name Game grand prize winners–Erin, Celia, and Tricia–but honorable mentions please check the back of the book for my repeated thanks for your brilliant names.

As you can tell by the top post, I’m running another Book It special. If you Read and review Farewell to the MBRC? and send me an email, I will send you an extra chapter. The special doesn’t start until Monday, but feel free to submit before then, I just won’t be able to respond until Monday.

I think that covers everything. I’m anxious to find out what you think of Farewell to the MBRC? so please leave a comment or drop me a message with your thoughts when you finish it. Thanks for reading, Champions. Enjoy the story!

Farewell to the MBRC Cover Reveal

Myrrhlynn finished the cover for Farewell to the MBRC? (Note the question mark!) I owe her a big, fabulous thanks because it turned out fantastic! I think my favorite part is the lute. The scene that involves the lute was the most fun to write, so I was thrilled when she mentioned she was going to add it in the cover. Anyway! There are two characters on the cover who make their debut in Farewell to the MBRC?, Harrison–the goblin on the left–and Grogrintork–the dwarf wielding the huge axe. That leaves three characters for you to guess, although to be fair, the sphinx wasn’t named in My Life at the MBRC. 


Champions, hang in there! Farewell to the MBRC comes out this Friday! (Hopefully it will be uploaded Thursday evening!) Thank you for reading, and good luck guessing the characters!


I am very  happy to reveal the title for the MBRC sequel. It is–drumroll please–Farewell to the MBRC? Please note the question mark! The title is a question, not a statement! Also, I wanted to let you know that I am tentatively planning for Farewell to the MBRC? to be released October 3. That’s less than two weeks away, so hang in there!

Next order of business! My Life at the MBRC is scheduled to be available for FREE from 9/25/2014 to 9/27/2014. Tell a friend. Tell a couple of friends. Tell a hundred friends! Then tell them to visit this place so we can continue our discussion in the comments about sourpuss Aysel and playboy Devin.

Finally, my cover artist, Myrrhlynn, in her infinite generosity, made a My Life at the MBRC desktop wallpaper. It’s available in the freebies section, or you can click the image below, which will take you to the full sized image. Once you see the full sized image, right click and select save as. After you save it, you can put it up as your desktop screen’s background by using your computer’s preferences panel.

That is all for today. Thanks for reading, Champions!


Sneak Peek

If all goes well a corrected copy of My Life at the MBRC will be available for free this time next week. (I’ll make the official announcement when I have the book scheduled and ready to go. I’m currently groveling to Amazon to get My Life at the MBRC in the program that will let me set the price as free.)

Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll. I had a great time with the various character conversations that popped up as a result. I enjoy over-thinking characters. I find it difficult not to analyze their personality, so it was highly enjoyable to discuss the nuances of Morgan’s romantic possibilities with you all. Aysel’s domination of the poll came as a bit of a surprise to me. I’m very fond of him, mostly because I like sourpuss characters, so it was gratifying to see how highly he is esteemed.

The still yet-to-be-titled MBRC sequel should come out the last few days in September, or the first few days of October. The manuscript was a little longer than I was planning, although that shouldn’t surprise me anymore. ALL my books turn out longer than expected. Anyway. As a thank you for answering the poll, I’m giving you a sneak peek of a MBRC II scene. Please keep in mind that this hasn’t been as well edited as the final product will be.

Enjoy the preview, Champions. I’m off to start writing Rumpelstiltskin!

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Some of the responses to the My Life at the MBRC cover got me curious. So now I have to know…who do you think Morgan should end up with?

If you say other, let me know in the comments who you’re thinking of.

I suspect one of my new characters, Harrison the goblin, will probably be incredibly popular with my older readers, but sadly he’s too old for Morgan. Still, I’m anxious to find out who is the Champions’ favorite, so please vote!


I am thrilled to share that I finished writing MBRC 2 on Saturday! I start editing this week, and I hope to release it near the end of September. In celebration of the pending release, Myrrhlynn has redone the cover of My Life at the MBRC, so it will match the sequel’s cover. (Yes, she’s already hard at work on it.)


Brownie points to the Champions who correctly guess what characters are on the cover.

Isn’t it fun? Myrrhlynn had to draw this on her computer instead of using photos as she has done for most of my covers. It’s a new style, but I think it fits with Morgan and her pals. (I especially love the little blue dragon sitting on the R!) Thanks Myrrhlynn for another fantastic cover!

Continuing with the MBRC themed celebration…I’m hoping to make My Life at the MBRC either free or available for a discount in the middle of September. I’m a little slippery on dates right now because I don’t have a very good idea what day I’ll release the sequel. Yet.

So what do you think of the new art? Any guesses who will be featured on the next MBRC cover? Thanks for reading, Champions. I will keep you posted with my editing progress!

Good Sci Fi & MBRC II report

For some odd reason I’ve really been craving some good science fiction books. I’m usually a fantasy girl all the way through, but I do stray to various other genres. Science Fiction is the one genre that I have a hard time liking–not because I feel the genre is filled with poor writers, but more because it feels like there aren’t a lot of science fiction stories with strong female characters in the starring role.

I own more fantasy books than I care to admit, and in comparison I think I have approximately two science fiction books. (As a side note, I don’t count dystopian books as straight up sci fi.) I’ve been trolling Goodreads, hoping for excellent titles, but since I don’t really know of any female science fiction series, I don’t know where to get started.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

My search for books aside, I have good news to share about the MBRC sequel! I’ve written 104 Microsoft Word pages, or 52,000 words. I’m hoping to finish it up in another 50-40 pages, so I should be finished by the end of the first week in September. I’m a little nervous about this sequel since it’s been so widely requested, but I have to compliment the champions who won the Name Game contest. The characters matched to their names–Baobab, a fairy; Harrison, a goblin; and Grogrintork, a dwarf–are my favorites in the batch of new characters you get to meet.

That’s all for today, Champions! Thank you for reading, I will see you next week!

It is started!

The sequel for My Life at the MBRC has been started! I’ve got the first five pages written, woohoo! I have a lot of the book mapped out, but picking a non-spoiler title is proving to be really difficult without making it sound too similar to My Life at the MBRC. Anyway, keep an eye on the “Coming Soon” page. I’ll update it once a week so you get an idea of how the story is progressing.

Also, judging by the comments on my previous post, the sequel to Life Reader is in much higher demand than I anticipated. I’m dedicated to getting Timeless Fairy Tales out as my top priority, but it looks like I’ll be skipping Life Reader up a few notches in terms of importance. It is important to note, however, that Life Reader‘s sequel will be a longer book, so I can  guarantee you won’t be seeing it until 2015. Still, thank you very much for the feedback, Champions!

Alright, I’m about ready to eat my own arm, so I’m off to hunt down some dinner. Until Wednesday!