Coming Soon

Curious to know what books I plan to write and release in the near future? You’ve come to the right place. The books are listed in the order I plan to release them. Check back frequently for timeline and status updates.

For the rest of June and most of July, I will not be writing. Instead I will tackle things on the business side of my career that have been piling up for too long. (In example: Getting those pesky paperbacks finished, organizing finance stuff, research, marketing, etc.) It’s a bit of a bummer, but its still necessary.

King Arthurs: Book 7
Status: Haven’t even begun planning it
Estimated Release Date: Late summer/early fall 2016

Sleeping Beauty: Timeless Fairy Tales Book 8
Haven’t started it yet
Estimated Release Date: December 2016

Snow Queen Short Story Anthology
Status: Ongoing
Estimated Release Date: December 2016

Coming soon–paperback editions
Listed in order of their estimated release

Heart of Ice : Cover Design
Sacrifice: Cover Design
Estimated Release Date: Really Soon

Red Rope of Fate: Prep for formatting
Estimated Release Date: Summer

The paperback editions require collaboration from my cover-artist–Myrhlynn needs to create a spine and back cover image–at least two additional read-throughs for errors, and reformatting. It’s a long process, which is why it takes so long to prep them them for a paperback release, and it’s also why I’m so vague on the release dates.

222 comments on “Coming Soon

  1. Hey,
    I was wondering when will the Sleeping Beauty come out. I’ve read all the previous books and I love them SO much! There’s been a homework for our English class to write a book review and I chose the Timeless Fairy Tales, so thanks for it 🙂 I really can’t wait for the new book.

    • Sleeping Beauty will be out by mid December! (Yes, that is a ways off, but the editing process is pretty lengthy.) I’m so glad you like the Timeless Fairy Tale series–I have so much fun twisting the stories and coming up with new heroines, so I’m happy you enjoy it!

    • Sadly Life Reader’s sequel keeps getting pushed back–though I would love to tackle it! It will eventually get a sequel, but I need to be in a position so I can take the time off to write it as it’s one of my less popular books. 🙂

  2. K. M. Shea!!!! I have been a huge fan of your books, I have read them all and always love every single one of them! I have never read every one of a specific authors story’s, nor do I have unshakable faith that every story will be amazing, except for your stories! You are the most amazing author and all your books are awesome, I have been desperately hoping that you’ll do a second book to Life Reader! I felt as though her story was unfinished, and that she had so much more waiting for her! She had finally got to go back and show everyone her true self! Maybe I am just being crazy, but I would love if you did a life reader sequel! Thank you soooo much for reading this!

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