Other Fairy Tales

Though these retellings occur in the same world as Timeless Fairy Tales, they all are set in a different time. The Snow Queen takes place centuries before the events recorded in Timeless Fairy Tales, but you will recognize many of the countries and some of the events that occur because of the characters’ actions. The Snow Queen series can be read before or after any of the Timeless Fairy Tale books.

The Snow Queen

SnowQueenFinalBook 1: Heart of Ice Buy the ebook on Amazon

Rakel, a princess by birth, has spent most of her life exiled on a barren mountain, despised because of her powerful snow magic. Though she longs to be accepted, she hides in her ice-castle and lives with the fear that her brother—the King—will one day order her execution.

Her empty life changes forever when an army of magic users—led by the enigmatic Colonel Farrin Graydim—invade her home country and plan to enslave its citizens. Swallowing her fear, Rakel joins forces with her jailers and uses her magic to save the people who scorned her.

If Rakel cannot defend her homeland, the country will be lost.

Heart of Ice Reviews

“I have to say this book was so magical for me. There is a lot of fighting, ice, snow, snarky remarks, people coming together for the greater good, sweet children, reindeer (yes reindeer), death, and many things I know I’m leaving out.” – Melissa @ Melissa Martin’s Reading List

“It made me laugh several times when I was in such a bad mood that I thought nothing would make me laugh and I can’t wait for the next book to come out next month.” – Camryn @ The Writing Crafter


Book 2: Sacrifice (Final Volume) – Buy the ebook on Amazon

Rakel, once feared and exiled for possessing magic, is now hailed a hero. Leading resistance forces against the Chosen—an army of magic users that invaded her homeland—she is granted everything she has longed for: acceptance, a home, and the love of her friends. But the battle for her country has just begun.

The Chosen’s powerful leader, Tenebris Malus, has come north to aid his army. His troops pillage the villages and cities they cannot hold, and Rakel’s brother—the King—refuses to rule. Most troubling of all, Rakel—who has always loved her magic—sees great similarities between herself and the deadly Tenebris.

However, not all is lost as the Chosen Colonel Farrin Graydim questions his loyalties to his leader, and the attraction he holds for Rakel.

Can Rakel’s overcome her doubts and defeat Tenebris? Will Farrin choose to follow his heart or his loyalties?

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    • I’m so glad to hear that! I JUST emailed Snow Queen 2 to Editor #1 for a final read through, so it looks like it is all set for an end of February release! 😀

  1. I absolutely loved Sacrifice. But I have to ask how is Rakel an enchantress? In Rumplestilskin it was explained that enchantors had one major skill but could use different kinds of magic at a lesser degree. Is it just 400 years has added more power to her story or does she develop more at her school?

    • That’s a great observation–I’m proud you noticed the difference!

      The idea is that Rakel was the first Enchantress–meaning she was the first one to have a huge amount of power. As she is centuries before the other magic users, magic was very new, and with it being a major taboo no one would have studied it. If she had a teacher, Rakel could have learned other kinds of magic like other enchanters, but because she was the first she ended up being the model for the time. That’s why it’s so important she establishes a school of magic–because they slowly learn more about it and people become much more skilled at using their powers. (Stil, for example, is a craftmage like Tollak, but Stil is far more powerful simply because he learned at a young age and had centuries worth of textbooks to rely on.) A lot of the mages you meet in Rakel’s story have counterparts with similar powers that pop up in Angelique’s timeline. The difference is that magic went from being feared to revered.

      You do make a good point though that this growth and development is never really explained, and a lot of things change. (For example, the school is founded in Verglas, but by Angelique’s time it and the Veneno Conclave have moved to Mullberg.) The good news is I plan to (when Angelique’s arc is over) release a few fairy tales that take place between Snow Queen and the Timeless Fairy Tales, and they will fill in the blanks.

  2. Sacrifice is amazing! No, not amazing, as that would be an understatement! 🙂 Anyways, Sacrifice drew me in after the first page! The title definitely makes sense. It was so cool to see how Verglas came to be protected with the Snow Queen’s magic. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you liked it–and I’m thrilled you saw how the book carried through to “modern” Verglas! It can be hard trying to keep all the different story threads from getting tangled, but when people notice it, it’s worth every effort!

  3. I truly enjoyed this sequel! I have a question though, the characters on multiple occasions urge Rakel to ask her brother why he left her in exile when he became king. I just finished the book but he never tells her and she never asks despite being told twice that she really should! Is his reasoning revealed in later books or are we to never know? It’s driving me crazy, I want to know why!

    • Great job noticing that it isn’t quite answered! Steinar actually gives Rakel the reason in the first short I unlocked last Sunday: Throne of the Snow Queen. You can read it by visiting the homepage of my website–there’s a link to it in the top post. 🙂

      • I’m glad you like it! 🙂 It was hard for me to leave Rakel and her crew–they’re so fun–but I was glad I got to tie up loose ends with the freebies!

  4. These books were amazing. I was sad to have the story end, but it was a beautiful ending so I was happy too 🙂

    • Awww, I’m glad you liked the ending! I will say it was a littler harder for me to end Rakel’s story than it was the other fairy tales, mostly because I had a second book in which I really got to know her and see her grow. So, I’m glad you liked that it was two books!

  5. I love Sacrifice so much! Which is why I have to tell you about a major plot hole in it: When Tenebris shoots a bolt of his magic at Farrin, Farrin is already behind the ice, but the black magic still hits him. I thought ice blocked Tenebris’s magic, especially ice that thick. If I’m wrong about the plot hole, and there is an explanation, thn I’m sorry, but I HAD to tell you!

    • Hi Kiara! You are right Rakel’s ice does block Tenebris’s magic, but the ice Rakel raises isn’t a wall–you might recall but it is described as a field of dagger sharp spikes of ice and it’s pretty short–the Verglas forces are still completely visible (again, as you might recall, Rakel sees Frodi burning his way through the the ice shards) it’s just that the ground is impassable. 🙂

  6. Hi! First off, thank you so much for these wonderful books. I thoroughly enjoy reading them (and the entire Timeless Fairy Tales series) and love being able to share them with my sister and my mum. They both greatly appreciate them too which is good for me because it means I can fangirl over the characters and stories with my sister and discuss the intricacies of the plots and beauty of the underlying meanings with my mum 😛
    Anyway, I know it’s kind of insignificant and inconsequential in terms of the narrative as a whole, but I was just wondering if there was a story behind the little jade wolf Rakel found in Farrin’s office in Heart of Ice? I figured, seeing as it was the only personal item among his affects (and a wolf represents Farrin well in many ways), that there might be – although he would have lost it when Glowma was reclaimed which would be a shame if it was sentimental. Of course it may have just been something that was there before Farrin moved in to the room. Nevertheless, it was something I was curious about so I just thought I’d ask 🙂

    • Wow, thank you for the amazing message! It makes me so happy that you think my books are that entertaining and interesting to discuss! (Also, I think it’s awesome you talk about the books with your mum! My mom is actually my go-to listener when I need to discuss character development or plot problems with a new book!)

      Finally, your observation about the jade wolf is on point! I haven’t gotten a chance to write a freebie about it, but that jade wolf is actually a gift to Farrin from Tenebris when he first saved him. (Tenebris wasn’t so twisted and evil back then, so it was a genuine gift.) Hopefully, I’ll be able to address it in future freebies, but well done picking up on it!

  7. Hi! I am 10. My family and I are coming to America on the 28!! (I am a missionary kid is Senegal) I LOVE your books!!! You are a STUPENDOUS writer!!! My absolute favorite series are the Robyn Hood books. And my favorite writer is…..YOU!

    • Hi Wheaton–and I wish you an early Welcome to America! Thank you for your wonderful compliments–I’m not sure I deserve them, but I feel very honored. 🙂

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