King Arthurs and Her Knights

King Athur is thought to be a legend. But what if the legends were based on the truth?


Enthroned: Book One  After posing with a rusty sword for a photo in a British graveyard, Britt Arthurs is pulled through time all the way back to the age of King Arthur where the shockingly young and handsome Merlin is waiting for her. The wizard has some bad news: the real Arthur has run off with a shepherdess, and whoever pulls the sword from the stone is to become the King of England. Unfortunately for Britt, the sword slides out like butter when she pulls it after fighting with Merlin. Long Live King Arthurs!EnchantedCoverFinal

Enchanted: Book Two After she is successfully crowned King of Britain and vanquishes those opposed to her rule, Britt thought life would settle down and she could peacefully pretend to be the real King Arthur and search for the lost Round Table. However, her enemies aren’t cowed yet. King Lot sends his beautiful wife, Morgause, and his four sons to Camelot as ambassadors, but Britt doubts their good will when knight after knight falls in love with the foreign queen. Merlin reveals that Morgause has cast an enchantment on the knights of Camelot, an enchantment he cannot break. As a result, Britt is betrayed by some of her closest knights and becomes an outcast in her own kingdom.  To win back her men, Britt will have to make costly sacrifices, survive attempts against her life, and gain the loyalties of Gawain—the eldest son of King Lot and Queen Morgause.Embittered

Embittered: Book Three Peace rules in Camelot, and Britt is satisfied with her life as the stand in for King Arthur. Or she was, until Lancelot shows up. Britt is forced by Merlin to welcome the young knight into her courts, and life goes downhill from there. King Leodegrance, a close ally who also happens to have the Round Table, which Britt dearly wants, is attacked by the foul Duke Maleagent. Unwilling to abandon her ally and let the Round Table slip through her fingers, Britt rides with a party of knights to Leodegrance’s lands in hopes of providing help. Unfortunately the Round Table proves to be less than impressive, King Leodegrance is not the man Britt thought him to be, and, worst of all, Guinevere has set her romantic ambitions on Britt’s King Arthur persona. Leodegrance needs a champion to fight Maleagant or he will be ruined, but does Britt really need to do battle on behalf of a greedy man and his daughter whom Britt knows will bring ruin to Arthur and Camelot?

EmbarkBookCoverEmbark: Book Four With the long awaited arrival of the Round Table, Britt introduces questing and a code of honor to her young knights. While Britt tries to sneak off on the first Order of the Round Table quest with Sir Gawain, King Pellinore, and the newly knighted Sir Tor, Merlin receives word of a threat against Britt’s life coming from the north.

Tensions are high with Sir Lancelot acting as a general pest, Sir Kay’s determination to swaddle Britt in safety, and Merlin’s complete failure to see Britt as anything more than a trusted friend. Can Britt survive the upheaval and establish the Round Table as a place of honor and chivalry?


Enlighten: Book Five It took Britt two years to be crowned King of Britain, raise Camelot, and establish the Round Table. It takes only a moment to bring everything crashing down on her. With the reveal of Britt’s biggest secret comes the revelation that her knights might never forgive her. While Britt flees for the safety of London and her knights wallow in anger at Camelot, help comes in the most unexpected of forms.



Endeavor: Book Six: Only a few weeks have passed since Britt—or, as most know her, King Arthur—was outed as a girl. Britt’s relationship with her knights is strained and precarious, Lancelot is mucking up everything from tournaments to questing, and Merlin starts to act strangely when a beautiful girl named Lady Vivien comes to Camelot.

Can Britt reclaim her knights’ loyalty? Will Merlin finally realize how much Britt means to him?

Released August 2013, October 2013, February 2014, January 2015,  June 2015, and November 2015.

King Arthur and Her Knights Reviews:

“I finished it in one day and I loved how I laugh while reading it. However, I want more progress with the story. I hope Ms. KM Shea will make a longer story next time because I can’t get enough of Britt and her adventure.”  – Irish @ Socially Awkward

“…I find what Shea is doing with the legends really interesting. She obviously knows even the obscure ones relatively well and has done her homework on the evolution of the Arthurian mythos, if her author’s commentary is any indication. She’s making deliberate choices on her huge cast of characters’ personalities and actions, sometimes combining who they are in different versions of the legend to make one composite character.” – SamoaPhoenix @ Camelot’s Library

“This book WAS well written and the characters very attention grabbing.  The settings were described so well I could almost feel the cold of the winter season…” – Wordie @ In My Very Own Words


King Arthur and Her Knights Box Sets:

King Arthurs and Her Knights 3 pack: This is a special edition three-pack that contains the first three novels of the King Arthur and Her Knights series with extra, free content. It also includes a King Arthur and Her Knights short story, extra scenes from Embittered, and extra content that explains how Arthurian characters and lore are used in each book.

98 comments on “King Arthurs and Her Knights

  1. I have been drawn into your Arthur stories and can hardly wait for the next installment. When will the next book be out? I have been left hanging and don’t have a long line on patience. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Hello Linda! I will begin working on King Arthurs #4 this week. If all goes as scheduled, it will be out sometime in January. 😀 Hopefully it will be worth the wait!

  2. ahhhhh I started this series not knowing it wasn’t finished, and I hate that! so impatient. when is book 5 due out?? 🙂 will that be the last one? absolutely loved them!

    • Book 5–Enlighten–will be released near the end of may/beginning of June. It is not the last book. The series will have 9 books total, but it will finish in 2016 so you can expect a new book every 4-5 months–sometimes less. (Book 6 will be released in late October/early November.)

  3. Barely containing my excitement for Book 5, are Britt’s knights going to find out she’s a girl. Not putting forward this as if I’m asking you to do it, it just feels like it might happen? You wouldn’t tell me anything though 😉 Are there going to be more Merlin+Britt moments?

  4. I love your King Arthur series. I’ve read many different versions over the years, but yours is one of the few to make the characters feel real and not 2-dimensional, if you know what I mean. Can’t wait to read more.

    • Hi Jaya, I’m glad you like it! It’s been a bit of a challenge to create so many different male characters, but I’ve had so much fun reading up on the different knights and getting them ready for their future adventures. Thank you for reading!

    • Unfortunately I had to push back Enlighten’s release to June 11. I’m in the middle of moving, and it’s a much longer process than I thought it would be, so I haven’t had a chance to edit Enlightened. 😦 I apologize, but I know I need to put forth a greater effort to further edit my stories, which sadly means they take longer to release.

      • thats ok! I understand editing takes a lot of work. I can wait for another month haha. I know ill be getting it anyways as soon as you put it out.

    • Thank you for understanding! Believe me, I’m just as anxious as you are to get it out. I’m always apprehensive before a book because I don’t know how readers will receive it!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SERIES. I can’t find many books like this with 1. King Arthur being female, and 2. Guinevere not being a major character per se. I love how your not just throwing her in our faces. (I kinda hate Guinevere as a character in all the books.) And 3. The plot of how Lancelot will bring everything down. Its really in tune with teenagers feelings! XD

    • I think one of the few King Arthur Books I like that have Guinevere as being a cool character is “Sword of the Rightful King.” By Jane Yolen, but mostly I also tend to not like her. I tried to make my Guinevere character mature as the story progresses, but I can promise you that she won’t achieve the screen time of Gawain, Lancelot, or Merlin!

  6. I JUST read the blurb of Enlighten! AHHHHH! I can’t wait eight more days! (OK, so I’ve been waiting since February, but still).

    • Haha I’m glad you’re so excited! I’ve been looking forward to writing Enlightened since I launched the series, so I’m REALLY nervous to see what everyone will think. I hope you find it worth the wait!

  7. I love all of your books so much! The timeless fairy tales and King Arthur series are honestly some of the best books I have ever read! I can’t wait for the next books to come out!

    • I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them so much! 🙂 It’s my goal to write entertaining stories, so I’m thrilled with your feedback. Thank you!

    • Hooo yes, Sleeping Beauty is one of my cover-artist’s favorite fairy tales, so she’s been looking forward to that story since I started the series. I’ve been planning for it for a while, too. 😉 I first referenced it in Beauty and the Beast, but the princess is also briefly mentioned in Cinderella and the Colonel, and in Rumpelstiltskin.

    • I just checked this song out for the first time because of your comment, and WOW, you are right! It’s totally her song! Good job noticing all the similarities. 🙂

    • Endeavor will be released Thanksgiving week! It needs a little more tweaking than a usual King Arthurs book, so Editor #1 and I are going back and forth on it for a bit. 🙂

    • Weeeeell, the bulk of the story has remained the same, but there are a few key scenes we’ve been refining so they are the best they can be. 🙂 It’s especially tricky because the scenes that are getting tweaked are extremely important for the rest of the series, so they have lasting impact, which means we have to be especially careful!

  8. Just curious – any plans to bring Britt to printed format? Always loved King Arthur stories and am highly enjoying yours. Looking forward to Thanksgiving for more reasons than just turkey! ❤

    • It’s a pretty safe bet to say that all my books will eventually end up in paperback. The King Arthurs books will be packaged in groups of three, though, and getting everything switched over to the print format takes FOREVER, so it is most likely a long ways away. 🙂 I hope the new book will entertain you!

  9. I’m so excited!!! I’ve been waiting for the sixth book for months and it’s getting close! 🙂 I want to say that I loved all of your books (but this series the best) and I can’t wait to read more. One of my favorites was actually Princess Ahria. Azmaveth was so sweet!
    I hope that more Timeless Fairytale books come out soon and I’m looking forward to The Snow Queen.
    *Sqeals* I am just looking forward to Endeaver so much!
    Thanks again. 🙂

    • I’m glad you like King Arthurs so much! I really do love knights and themes of chivalry, so it has been so much fun to explore the various King Arthurs themes. I’m hopeful readers will reaaalllyyy like Endeavor as there’s a scene or two I hope will be greatly enjoyed. 🙂

    • Gah, I’m sorry it’s taken me ages to lumber over into this section! Book Six just went out near the end of November, but in fair warning you won’t see hide nor hint of book seven until spring 2016. (I am determined to finish the series, however, in 2016.) Thanks for your patience, and thank you for reading! 😀

    • Hi Abby, I’m sorry I’m so late in replying to this! Endeavor is out–but book 7 won’t be appearing until Spring 2016. Thank you for reading, and I’m sorry for the lag. 😦

  10. Just finished Endeavor and must say you can’t keep me waiting like this! I was hesitant to read the series at first but am so glad I picked it up! I honestly cannot wait for the next book!

    • I’m glad you like it! I love intertwining original characters with well loved legends–it creates opportunities for great humor. 😉 Thank you for reading it, I hope the series continues to entertain you!

  11. A Fans reaction to Endeavor: I am completely devastated. When I hit chapter ten, I knew that I was towards the end of the book. Enraptured as I was, I consumed your book in mere hours. When I hit the scene in which Merlin kisses Brit, my jaw dropped and my heart leaped out of my chest. Mussy inside with happiness and giddiness of the change of events, I swiped the page, encountering a THE END. A heart beat later I was gasping for breath, sputtering unintelligible words that my brother deemed as nonsense. Finding my senses, all I could mourn is, “This has ruined my life! A cliffhanger, a cliffhanger.” In grief, all I could do was feel sorry for my self. Please dear author, please write the next book. It was so great and fun….**sigh*** just beautiful. Let me encourage you in your writing journey. You are one of my favorite authors. Since you have the ability to bring out some emotions, such as dismay (in a good way), I congratulate you. Usually I forget the names of the characters of a book in a minute after I read a book, but your Arthur series is so great that I remember the characters’ names. I applaud you for such an accomplishment.
    Are you going to have a series spin-off of King Arthur? Just curious, ’cause I don’t want the fun to end.

    • I read the first line of your comment, and I was reaaaalllyyy worried, so I was especially happy to find that you’ve enjoyed the King Arthurs series. 😀 I really deliberated on ending Endeavor with that cliffhanger–I was going to start the next book with it–but Merlin absolutely insisted, and I knew everyone had waited a looonng time for it. At this point I have no plans for a spin off series, but I have to confess that I get outrageously attached to my characters and I have an extremely hard time leaving them behind, so even when I finish book nine and the series is over I can promise that it won’t be the last you see of Britt and her boys. 😉 Thank you for the lovely compliments, and thank you for reading.

    • I hate to be cagey about the release time, but all I know for certain is that you can expect it in 2016. The Timeless Fairy Tales go through a lot of extra editing, so it’s ruined my usual timeline for 2016, which is why I can’t really say what month it will be released. However, one of my big goals for 2016 is to write all three of the remaining King Arthurs stories in 2016, though, so you can rest assured that you’ll get them soon!

  12. Are you going to do the Loathly Lady or the Green Knight story/s in a future book? With only three books to go, understand if you don’t have time to fit them in, but the Loathly Lady in particular is a favorite of mine and I am a huge fan of Gawain (both yours and in the original legends).

    • My plans for the King Arthur books have changed a bit–I was thinking over pacing this weekend and ran into a few snags–but I’m sad to say that at this time I don’t have plans to address either of those stories. It’s so hard! there are so many amazing King Arthur stories, but I sadly can’t retell them all!

  13. I honestly love this series! I cannot wait until the next book comes out (number seven, that is). I love your writing, especially how all your stories are CLEAN and lighthearted–which is hard to find in books when you are an avid reader. Thanks so much for writing! And I can’t wait until the next book in King Arthur’s is released.

    • Thank you so much for reading! 😉 I’m glad to hear you enjoy the lighthearted/clean combo. I try to write what I love to read, so it makes my inner bookworm squeal with joy.

  14. Thank you for writing this amazing series! I haven’t been able to put them down. Britt is my favorite such a strong, unique, and loveable character. Can’t wait for the next book.

    • I’m so thrilled to hear you love Britt! I feel like out of all my heroines she gets the least recognition, which is a shame because she probably has the hardest job. (I can’t say I would like to be plunked down in the middle ages and be forced to manage a bunch of teenage boys.) Thank you for reading, and for your comment!

  15. This sounds like a really good series and I’ve added it to my to-read shelf on Goodreads. You said something in your most recent post about them not being full length novels. About how long are they? (also I thought you might want to notice the typo in the first sentence (at least I think its a typo)).

    • The King Arthur books are about 30,000 words. For comparison, the average Timeless Fairy Tale is 68,000 to 70,000 words, so they’re just a little shy of being half a fairy tale. 🙂 I found the shorter stories worked perfectly as a lot of the King Arthur stories are short and episodic as well, so things tend to tie up neatly.

      (Also, yes, I am ashamed to say the first three of the King Arthur series have more typos than my other work. I have someone going through them now to cut down on that, but it will take a bit before the changes are uploaded.)

      • Thank you! (that’s okay, it will probably take a little while before I can get time to read them. My TBR stack is almost as tall as me)

      • (I meant to say that the typo is in the first sentence of the post) Sorry for commenting again I didn’t realize what you meant and it won’t let me edit comments.

    • Yeah the lack of editing feature has been a bother. It gives me the ability to edit your comment as I run the site, but that doesn’t help commenters. Ahhh, the internet. 😉

    • I JUST made the announcement about two minutes ago, but I’ve changed my plan for the series. It is now going to end with one massive, novel-length book instead of three shorter books. While this is exciting, it sadly means it will get a fall release date as I won’t be able to squeeze it into my writing schedule as easily. 😦

  16. oooh i am so impatient to get the last book but since its gonna be longer than any of the books in the series so far i will wait. I hope a date will be announced soon so i can mark it on my calendar.

    • I don’t have a date yet–I haven’t started writing it yet and probably won’t be able to tackle it for a while–but I’m hoping to get it out in late summer/early fall! 🙂 I DO hope you’ll find it worth the wait. (Mostly I hope you love the ending. I’ve had it in my mind since Book 1!!)

  17. Best king Arthur series by far, I just finished reading Endeavor!!! I cant wait! how long do you think the next book is going to be?(I love long books)

    • Awww, thanks Coco! At bare minimum the next King Arthur book will be double in length–so 65,000 words. I have a LOT planned for the book though, so it’s a safe bet to say it will be over 70,000 words. (My medium-length fairy tales are about 70,000 words, or a little over)

  18. I can hardly wait for the 7th book!When will it be out?These tales always have me thrilled and leave me lonely when I finish them.

    • The 7th book will hopefully be out in late summer/early fall. Since it’s going to be a full length novel this time, it will take a lot more work to plan, plot, and write it, so I’m giving myself a longer deadline to help me cope. Still, I’m hoping the length will make it worth the wait. 😉

  19. I love your books!There genius!I just wish they weren’t so short.I read 4 of them in one day once.So I am thrilled to hear about the longer books!

    • I’m glad you’re excited about the longer book! Part of the reason why I keep the King Arthur books shorter is because all of them are modeled after original King Arthur ballads and stories–which are also shorter and more episodic by nature. I’m also excited about the longer novel–though I’m also a little worried as it’s going to be far more complex as a result of its length! 😉

  20. I love your books! Are there going to be any more King Arthurs books, soon? It’s too long to wait for the next book!

    • I’m planning for there to be another freebie or two before the book is released, yes, I just don’t have any ideas as to what they will be or when I’ll release them. (I need a bit of a break since I just sped through Swan Lake before I do anything else.) I’m glad you like the series so much, though! 🙂

  21. I LOVE your books!I have always been into King Arthur and Merlin stories but yours are the best by far.I introduced them to my friends and they love them too!You are an incredible writer!

    • Awww, thank you! I hope Britt and Merlin make you laugh. I’ve had a lot of fun torturing—I mean WRITING about them. Yes. 😉 (Also I’m a big King Arthur fan too! So I’m especially happy to hear your praise!)

  22. I have read this series up to the 6th book and happily await the longer novel’s release. I have looked and read my brain raw trying to find books which depict King Arthur as a strong female, and I am happy to say, so far I have found that in your King Arthur series. I have read your King Arthur books religiously and probably more than five times for each! Every time I read this series I can feel the love the knights have for their king/queen and it transfers to the readers. At least it does for me. I always fell empowered after I read this series and they always invoke laughter. As a fanatic reader and writer I congratulate you on your success and imagination. I hope to keep seeing the wonderful Britt Arthurs in the future.

    • Hello Amber, I’m thrilled to hear you enjoy the King Arthurs books so much! Britt and her boys are a delight to write, and it’s been so much fun using Britt’s knowledge as a twenty-first century gal to mentor/challenge the Knights of the Round table, but it has also been fun being able to write a character that is unapologetically loved by all her subjects! (That was one aspect of the King Arthur legends I was determined to keep!) Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the last book when it comes out. 🙂

  23. I’m so excited for the next (and, correct me if I’m wrong, last) book in the King Arthurs series! I hope Britt tells everyone she’s a girl, not just the knights! I also want to see Merlin’s reaction if Britt were to dress up like a girl from the Middle Ages, with the dress and everything! Obviously you’re the writer not me Ms. Shea, but I think at least the first thing I mentioned has to happen if this is the last book, to wrap up loose ends and everything. 🙂 I absolutely love your books by the way; I’ve read all of them, not just this series!

    • A LOT happens in the last book. I’m a wee bit worried about what everyone will think of the ending, but it will be a happily ever after (I mean come on, it’s me!) and all the loose ends will be tied up. 😦 There will be some sad moments, too, though.

  24. Usually, I despise spoilers– Doctor Who has taught me well–but in this case… Is there ANYTHING you can tell us about the last King Arthur book??

    • Hahah, I’m trying to refrain from saying much, but I did tell another reader that I’m a wee bit worried about what everyone will think of the ending. It will be a happily ever after (I mean come on, it’s me!) and all the loose ends will be tied up, but it’s going to be different. (There will be some sad moments, too.) I will be tying up the loose strands–the weasel-ish king that’s been bothering Britt from the first book, Merlin’s feelings for Britt, Lancelot, etc. If I do my part right, it will be quite epic. 😉

  25. Hi K. M. Shea! I love your books I’ve read the king Arthur series around 3 or 4 times 🙂
    I just wanted to say I don’t mind the wait even if I have to wait because I know this next book will be another fun loving adventure 😀

    So thank you so much for your work thus far!

    Lots of love!

    • Aww, thank you for your sweet comment, and I appreciate your patience! I’m a little nervous about this next King Arthurs book because it is the last one, which is pretty daunting, so your message really encouraged me. Thank you!

  26. I actually finished the entire series in a span of 4 days… Ms. K.M. Shea, I am upset, leaving Endeavor’s Ending the way you did… I cannot wait for the next book.

    • Ahahah, hopefully the final book will prove to be worth the wait. 😉 It will certainly be the most sprawling, and it will sort of be like all the other books combined. (There will be an epic battle, some magic, questing, snarky knights, and so on and so forth!)

  27. I have read this series time and time again because I fell in love with it the first time. I bought all of them, and I would like to ask when the next one is coming.

    • I’m hoping the next–and last–King Arthur book will be ready to go in late November. I’m a bit nervous about it (I mean, it IS the end!!) but hopefully you’ll find it a meaningful finish to the series. 🙂

  28. I can’t believe the King Arthur are almost over! They aresome of my favorite books, well as your Robyn Hood books.

    • I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them! This last book will be a doozy, but I’m hoping it will have as many fun as emotional scenes. 😉

  29. Hi, so I know I just left a comment yesterday on your “Coming Soon” page, but I have finished the last three books in this series. I am literally in tears and that is probably because it is 1AM, but when will you continue this series and publish book 7? I have always loved the King Arthur myths and watched Merlin religiously, but this new take on the legends is fantastic. Please please please publish it soon!

    • Haha, fear not! The final King Arthurs book–which will be a full length novel instead of the usual novellas–will come out late November, or early December at the latest. I was originally going to write three novellas, but in planning it out I realized that it would be horribly cruel of me as the stories intertwine, and don’t resolve themselves that well until the very end. 😉

  30. I feel like an addict. I keep rereading your series (around 8 times) and trying to find anything similar to keep me going until book 7 comes out. I am so pumped for the next book!

    Your awesome! I don’t mind waiting for such great quality!

    thank you for your hard work 🙂

    • Aww, thanks Lena! Hopefully you’ll still be saying that at the end of the series! 😉 If you do find any good King Arthur books let me know! (I think “Sword of the Rightful King” might be my favorite, but it drives me crazy that it’s a stand-alone novel!)

      • I have thoroughly enjoyed all your books and am really looking forward to more novels. I haven’t stopped reading til early hours in the morning to finish one to then start another. Total bookworm! Amazing writer. Thank you for sharing these adventures. Can’t wait to see what happens next for Britt.

      • Thank you! I’ve pulled a few late night reading sessions when I get a good book, so I know that’s a big compliment. 😉

        In October I’ll be doing a sweep of the King Arthur books to do a quick edit and prep myself for the last book, so it’s coming!

      • I fangirled so hard seeing that you replied. I never read that book before so I will be reading that tomorrow! I think you might enjoy the bloody jack series(girl pretends to be a boy and basically becomes a pirate), but it goes on for so long I had to take a break.

        also just finished Robyn! High fives are in order! 😉

        last thing is a question, what materialistic thing would Britt miss most? (I thought maybe her bras or chocolate)

      • I’ve read that series! Or I should say I’ve read most of the series. I had the same problem as you in that it is a LONG series, so I stopped for a bit and haven’t had a chance to return to it. I should put it on my to-read list again!

        I think Britt would hands down miss food the most. I’m cheating and saying food in general because I don’t think she would be able to choose between chocolate, ice cream, cheeseburgers, takeout, or pizza! (There was actually supposed to be a scene in one of the earlier books where she’s daydreaming about food, but I kept making myself so hungry I had to give it up!)

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