The Magical Beings’ Rehabilitation Center

Fairies, vampires, and werewolves are fictional…right? WRONG!

mbrcnewMy Life at the MBRC: Emotions plagued Morgan when she met her first vampire. She was shocked, terrified, and… disappointed? After discovering that Frey—the cute transfer student—is a werewolf, and her unattractive substitute teacher is ousted as a vampire, Morgan is dragged to the Magical Beings’ Rehabilitation Center, an organization that strives to integrate magical beings into human society. She is given a part-time job at the center until arrangements can be made to erase her memory. (A half normal human available for use is a rare resource in the center, or so she’s been told.) As an MBRC employee Morgan discovers that some vampires are bald and fat, elves don’t always have a great sense of fashion, cyclopes are quite nice—not to mention loaded—and werewolves can get fleas. There’s also, apparently, a Chicago Goblin Mob. Word to the wise, don’t mention their lack of tusks. mbrc2-coverAfter being pranked, threatened, hypnotized, and kidnapped, Morgan must decide if the magical is worth it, or if she wants to return to the mundane.

Farewell to the MBRC?: Morgan thought the most difficult decision of her life was deciding to become an official employee of the MBRC. But now, a senior in high school, she’s realizing it only gets worse. With a certain Goblin mob boss urging her to stay within commuting distance of Chicago, and a flirtatious Pooka pushing her to study overseas, Morgan has a hard enough time trying to sort through her college choices the way it is. Planning out her future is made even more difficult when terrorist threats are issued by an anti-human, anti-rehabilitation, magic-based organization. Does Morgan want to continue working at the MBRC when it puts her life in danger?

Short Story Anthology:

mbrc3The Lost Files of the MBRC: The Lost Files of the MBRC is an anthology of five MBRC short stories–three of which have never before been released.

When Morgan decided to stay employed at the Magical Beings’ Rehabilitation Center, she thought her life might quiet down as she started college and developed her career. She thought wrong.

In between balancing her relationship with Devin the Pook and planning for MBRC domination with her reluctant business partner, Aysel, Morgan chauffeurs around a reclusive Kraken, continues to play the lute at Asahi and Kadri’s annual marriage celebration, and pulls all-nighter study sessions for college. Thankfully, her old friends—like Madelin, Frank, and Frey—are still around to wreak havoc and fun!

Want more of the MBRC? Good news! 2017 will bring a new MBRC book with a fresh perspective/point of view heroine. Old friends and characters will still appear in the new books, but the heroine will be different. Sadly I won’t be able to start this book until 2017, so it will be a bit of a wait, but I hope it will make you laugh like the rest of the series!

20 comments on “The Magical Beings’ Rehabilitation Center

  1. I just finished the series and it was amazing!!!! I fell in love with all the characters, please write another book….or 10 🙂

    • I’m glad you liked it! The characters in the MBRC series are some of my favorites. Sadly, Morgan’s portion of the MBRC story is done, although there are some extra chapters and short stories about her in the freebies section of this website. 🙂

  2. When you say ‘Morgan’s portion’ does it mean you poto do possibly intend to do another book with the MBRC…… but with another character?

    • Sharp eye, Carly. Yes, I have considered writing an additional MBRC novel through the eyes of a new character. All our favorites, like Aysel, Morgan, Devin, Toby, and Madeline–would still be around, but the view point would be from a new heroine. However, while I am playing around with the idea, I can say with certainty that I won’t be able to tackle this project in 2015 or 2016–I’m focusing on finishing the King Arthurs series and getting some more Timeless Fairy Tales out there!

  3. Just finished the Lost Files, and is it just me or did u change some parts from some of the previously released stories/freebies especially regarding
    *spoilers ahead*
    *spoilers ahead*
    *spoilers ahead*
    *spoilers ahead*
    *spoilers ahead*
    *spoilers ahead*
    Aysel and his relationship status? is she also going to be featured in a future story, because i would absolutely LOVE to hear how high-minded Aysel got snared by a human!
    *end spoiler*
    otherwise, it was really fun to revisit this world and all of the wacky characters in it

    • I had a good laugh at your adorable warning of spoilers ahead! But yes, you are correct, I did change some of the “ending” chapter I had available in the freebies section. I thought the series was over, but a lot of readers wrote to me, and essentially changed my mind. I started pondering what would happen if the stories continued, and my creativity kicked in, creating a new heroine with a fresh perspective. (So yes, she will be the Point of view character for the 2017 book.)

      Thank you for reading–I’m glad you had fun revisiting the MBRC!

    • Ohh, that’s a fun idea! I agree that she would have a fun story–when your parents are Morgan and Devin it would be pretty hard not to have an expressive personality. However, readers’ reactions have been pretty conflicted when it comes to Lindy. I don’t think I’ll ever write a full-length book about her, but one day I might produce a few short stories about her. 🙂 I’m glad you liked her character!

  4. Can you write a short story or at least tell us what Brett Patterson did to fran that is so bad it is never mentioned. I really really really want to know I must of been soming really bad because when they bring him up Fran gets really angry

    Thx love your book can’t wait for the next one

    • Hi Kit! I’m hoping to release an MBRC short story about Fran and Brett sometime this year, so you’ll hear all about it then. (Brett sooooo deserves all of Fran’s fury. Just sayin’.)

  5. Yeah!! I just finished the MBRC books! I am SO glad you are doing another! Love these books. Pretty much love all your books.

    • I’m glad you liked them! I am a HUGE fantasy fan, but I’ve grown tired of the same plot points/tropes being used again and again, so the MBRC series was basically me exercising my humor. 😉 Just WAIT to see what I put Aysel through, buwahah!

      • I desperately want to see this girl Aysel ends up with! And I don’t think I’ve ever laughed more when reading a book than when I read My Life at the MBRC “This is all your fault, Dave!” And the Twilight/HP references with regards to how sweet werewolves are supposed to be! I love every minute of it.
        Will we ever get a story from Fran’s perspective, besides how rotten Brett is? ‘Cause I think it would be really neat to hear a story from the “best friend”‘s POV, especially since she only has tangental (is that a word?) experience with the MBRC – more than your average human being, but not like Morgan.

      • I really love the MBRC books too. They’re so silly, and I can’t match that kind of humor in any of my other books. But don’t worry. I have a book for the Red Rope world and the book with Aysel’s girl on my slate. I will tackle at least one of them in 2017!

        Fran will get her own freebie/short story eventually, but I can’t really do her as a main character. I had to stop writing MBRC books from Morgan’s POV because there were just too many characters. As Fran is deeply connected to Morgan, all of those people would spill over into her story, too. That’s why I decided to write a book about Aysel’s girl–she doesn’t know any of Morgan’s friends, and Aysel will be highly motivated to keep it that way. 😉

  6. Oh my goodness! I started reading your Timeless Fairy Tales because kindle unlimited threw up the Snow Queen series for me to read. I read them all, loved them, bought them all. I then decided to branch out and read the MBRC series. I laughed so hard! I LOVE this series. My favorite comment “Twilight lied”. I DIED laughing. So did my oldest son (23). He is reading the series based on that comment alone. Add in the werewolf with a flea collar? OMG…’s hilarious. I LOVE it.

    • Thank you for this note, Roxanne! I needed a bit of encouragement at the time, so I was absolutely delighted when I saw your message! I’m pretty fond of the MBRC books–though I admit the second one is probably better written because it has a more solidified plot. (Though I had A LOT of fun ripping on some of the common vampire/werewolf cliches in the first book. Maybe too much fun…) I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it–and I hope your son does as well! 😀

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