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Hello there!

My pen name is K. M. Shea, but my readers—I prefer to call them Champions—call me Kitty.

I completed my first novel in eighth grade. It was a horrendous mess and a crime against humanity, but it was fabulous practice. I’ve written steadily since then and have worked as a journalist, a library staff member, and a newsletter editor. In 2014 I was able to quit my part-time work and write full time!

I’m a huge book geek—I love everything from the classics to science fiction, but fantasy and young adult are my favorite genres—and I’m a pretty big nerd as I love video games, super heroes, computers, and I have a passion for book memes.

I am dedicated to writing funny, clean stories with strong characters. Books like that are among my favorite to read so naturally I love writing stories like that as well. My philosophy is that life is tough, so books should be something that makes you relax and laugh!

I have tri colored collie I call Perfect Dog who is my near constant companion, and I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to grow an indoor mint plant I call Bob. (Well…Bob the VI as I’ve had to replace him a lot.)

If you want to get to know me more, try checking out my facebook page (or my twitter feed—there are links to both in the right bar. If you want to be book buds check out my goodreads profile: K. M. Shea and if you’re interested in getting glimpses of my life then I suggest subscribing to my instagram KM.Shea—although be forewarned that I post A LOT of dog pictures. 😉

If you’re more interested in learning about my writing and hearing some of my tips, check out the Writing Tips tag under the Post Categories in the navigation bar on the right side. If you have any questions about my books feel free to drop me a line, or check out their pages which you can access from the top bar.

Thanks for dropping by!

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    • Most likely ruining your family photos. 😉 In all likelihood, I’ve probably been reading the same books you’ve been reading.

  1. I just found you when I found the first MBRC book, and loved uit so much. I now need to work my way through all your books. You have found a new fan. I love it when I find great new to me authors.

    • Hi Jen, I’m glad you enjoyed MBRC 1! I hope the rest of my books just as much, and welcome to the clan! 😉

  2. Hi Kitty, I must say that I *truly* enjoyed your retelling of Beauty & the Beast. I have been a fan of that timeless tale for as long as I can remember. When I was a little girl they would play a black & white version of it every year just like they did with the Wizard of Oz. Some of my favorite authors are Anne McCaffery, Mercedes Lackey, Charles DeLint, Robin McKinley, and now I believe I will have to add your name to this list! Thank you for sharing your stories with us- I look forward to many more hours of reading thanks to you. I’ve just downloaded your Cinderella story so it’s time to pour a glass of wine and ENJOY!

    • Sorry Crystal, your comment sank through the cracks. I spent the end of January swapping emails, and some of the comments slipped my notice. Anyway, I LOVE Robin McKinley–even if she’s being stubborn about Pegasus II–and Mercedes Lackey, and Anne McCaffery! (I haven’t heard of Charles DeLint. I’ll have to check him out.) As such, I am extremely honored and happy that you have enjoyed my stories so much you consider me anywhere near their rank! I hope you enjoyed Cinderella!

      • Yes thank you, I did enjoy Cinderella, as well as all the rest of your Timeless Fairy tales series, as well as the added stories on the website. However I’m a bit disappointed that you don’t ever really go into what is going on with the ‘Veneno council’ (sorry don’t remember exactly what it is called) and what they (our heroes) do about it. While I enjoyed each Timeless tale individually and the fact that they were interconnected, I wanted more. I hope someday you will continue their stories.
        I also wanted to congratulate you on the alternative endings for the wild swans book. I definitely had my preference of who she would finally choose, but enjoyed reading both! I thought it was inventive, though I wouldn’t want all stories to have such an ending. 🙂

    • There will be a lot more information about the Veneno Conclave (You were close, I applaud your efforts! It is a strange name.) in upcoming books. I have been reluctant to delve too deeply into the nuts and bolts of the big plot, mostly because I want to make sure readers can enjoy each book as a stand alone. However, Puss in Boots (which will be released this summer and is almost a prequel as it takes place before Wild Swans) will give you a much better idea of what’s going on. Speaking of Wild Swans, I’m glad you liked the alternate endings!

      • YAY! I’ll look forward to more stories!! I *like* it when known characters from previous stories at least get a cameo in new/different stories…or better yet continue their tales!

    • Hahah, thank you! I don’t often get praised for all my nerd credentials, but I am proud of them! 😉

  3. I just recently discovered your books and have read My Life at the MBRC and Rumpelstiltskin. I thoroughly enjoyed them both! MBRC was absolutely hysterical, and while I loved Morgan as a main character, it was the wonderful side characters (Dave, Toby, Madeline, Frank, etc) that really made it for me. And Rumpelstiltskin, which is a fairy tale I never really liked, is a new favorite! The characters are awesome, and I found the different types of magic described to be very interesting. I also applaud you for writing books that a 20-something can enjoy but that are still clean. Many authors seem to assume that adults will only be interested in a book if it’s full of sex and violence, which is not true!

    • Hi Sara, I looooove character creation–and fleshing out secondary characters is often quite tricky. As such, I’m so happy you enjoyed the side-crew of the MBRC series as well as the characters in Rumpelstiltskin! Also, internet high-five for loving clean books! I write what I love to read, and I’m always thrilled to find another reader with similar tastes.

  4. I recently just discovered your work after finding your version of Beauty and the Beast pop up in my recommendation list (I’m a huge Beauty and the Beast fan :P). I absolutely LOVED IT! 😀 It was so well written I couldn’t put it down! I’ve read every book from that series as well as several others. MBRC is another great series that I enjoyed as well.
    I was wondering, were you planning on writing a sequel to the Life Reader? I find the Asher and Raven moments so cute, I’d love to see more of them in the future??? 😀
    Thanks again for all that you do your books are a joy to read!

    • Hi Fawcett, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my books so much! (I am also a huge Beauty and the Beast fan!) Yes, there will be a sequel for Life Reader. However, Life Reader is much longer than any of my other books, so while I hope to start it this year it won’t be out until 2016. Hopefully it will be worth the wait. 😉 Thanks for reading my stories!

  5. I just want to say that I absolutely LOVE your Timeless Fairytales! I am so excited for the sixth book and I am eagerly holding my credit card waiting! I was wondering how many books you hope to have in the Timeless Fairytales Series?
    Thank you so much for the amazing books! You are an amazing author!

    • That’s a tricky question! I actually plan to have two different rounds of fairy tales. The first is the Timeless Fairy Tales–which all involve Angelique’s story arc. There will be approximately 12 of these stories. However, I have plans for fairy tales that take place before and after Angelique’s story–like The Snow Queen, which takes place long before the Timeless Fairy Tales. In other words: there will be a lot! 🙂

  6. Hi Kitty, I just wanted to say that you are absolutely brilliant. I have just finished reading Puss in Boots, and I loved it. I feel so sad whenever I finish one of your books because then I know that I have to wait a couple months before I can read your next book.

    • I’m glad you loved it! I’m always a little nervous when I launch a new book. I make a big effort to make my characters different, but the flipside is I might accidentally make them unlikeable as a result, so I’m really happy that you enjoyed reading it!

    • Ahahah, yes, Editor #1 is slaving over that series with me right now, and she’s helping me plan out King Arthurs book 6, which I am VERY grateful for as the next few books are going to be…tough.

  7. Just posted a long overdue comment on Amazon, regarding how very much I have enjoyed your books. It is SO refreshing to find a writer that is NOT drinking the Kool-Aid, and still writing entertaining, imaginative stories without the filthy language, innuendo, and connotations that are so prevalent today. I love books (Georgette Heyer was always a favorite from the regency romance genre), and I am ALWAYS searching for an author that I am not afraid to introduce to my family and friends (and that seems to get harder and harder to do, as time goes by). You are doing a GREAT job, and I am ENTHUSIASTICALLY introducing your work to anyone I know, that asks me if I have read anything good lately. THANK YOU!! And keep up the good work! (p.s., my daughter is really looking forward to a sequel to Life Reader 🙂 )

    • Hi Linda! First of all, I’m always thrilled to meet another Georgette Heyer fan! (I also love her work, and I admire her abilities to create so many individualistic main characters!) Thank you for all your compliments, I write what I love to read so I suspect we are reading-buddies. And finally, thank you for introducing my work to others! I hope my future stories continue to entertain you. 🙂 (Don’t worry, that sequel will be coming…eventually)

    • Okay, I have to take a moment to brag on you. The second I saw your “Picture” I furiously texted my cover artist and we spent quite a bit of time admiring it. You are incredibly talented, and I feel so honored that you like the King Arthur series enough to make something that beautiful! Thank you! Do you mind if I (giving credit to of course) and post it on here–or at least link to it?

      • I’m glad you like it! I can always appreciate a book that gives me the desire to draw the characters :). Of course you can! P.S. I’m super excited about the next one!

      • Hopefully you’ll enjoy it–and thank you for letting me share the image! (I’ll link it to your Deviant Account page, unless there is a different site you would rather use?)

  8. Just started reading your books……and you keep me wanting more! Can’t wait for more of King Arthurs! I’m off to a new adventure with one of your books. Love ’em!

    • Thank you for the compliments, Katie, I’m thrilled to hear you enjoy my stories! The next book I release will be a King Arthurs book, so hopefully you will find it worth the wait. 🙂 Thank you for reading!

  9. I absolutely love fairy tales (even though I’m going on 17 and am probably too old for them), and my best friend told me I just HAD to read your books. As always she was right. I adore your books, and my best friend and I can spend hours taking and laughing about them. Sadly at the end of this school year she will be moving to another universe (She tells me that Utah isn’t in a different country much less a different universe, but I don’t really believe her). I don’t know what I will do senior year without her, but I do know I will be driving up my parents phone bill with 6+ hour long phone calls whenever one of your books comes out. Thanks for helping us stick together.

    • Nonsense, you’re never too old for fairy tales! (At least I hope you’re not, because if you’re too old than I am WAY too old, and I’ve got a rather serious addiction.) I’m so sorry to hear your best friend is moving. I’m sure it will be tough to know she’s not going to be with you in school, but you two sound like you’ll be friends for life (what better to bond over than books, eh?) so I’m confident you’ll still have tons of fun memories in your future. Thank you for reading, and for your sweet message!

      • Of all your books the fairy tales are obviously my favorites (I adore all of them tho!). My books specifically are Wild Swans and Rumpelstiltskin, and I love them both for very different reasons. The Rumpelstiltskin story I never really understood. It always seemed a little bizarre to me. I know desperate times call for desperate measures, but who wants a first born child anyway!? (On an ADD tangent if you have never read Dealing With Dragons and at least it’s sequel by Patricia C Wrede, you really should. If you already have then you might understand why my ADD brain brought it up 😉 )

  10. I have read all your Timeless Fairy Tales (and have them all on my trusty kindle) I love them sooooo much! My favorite is probably Beauty and the Beast, and I can’t wait for the next Snow Queen book! Thanks for brightening my days with your stories.

    • Hi Elli! I’m so glad to hear you enjoy my fairy tale retellings! (I have so much fun plotting and scheming the various ways I can retell them so some of the weirdness of the stories makes more sense.) Thank you for your comment, it made my day!

  11. Hi, I’m doing a book project on your MBRC series and I need information about the author, like birth dates and stuff but I cant find any. Can you tell me some or direct me to more information?

    • Hi Anne. I’m a pretty boring person, so I don’t usually bother to talk much about myself, but if you email me at Kmshea@kmshea.com I’d be glad to answer any questions you have. 🙂

  12. I found you on Amazon, and I have been flying through your books! I absolutely am IN LOVE with your writing style, and brilliant ways of bringing your characters to life. PLEASE keep up the good work! <333

    • Awww, thank you for your kind words! 🙂 I hope my stories–and characters!–continue to entertain you.

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